Samsung Display released a number of stunning OLED screens

Today was the official opening of the CES 2024 event and Samsung wasted no time to make a statement. Samsung has launched a variety of OLED screens that offer unique features and improvements over traditional OLED technology. The company unveiled these devices at the CES event. These OLED displays are expected to be used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, XR devices and even automobiles.

Bi-Directional Folding OLED Screen

One of the OLED screens that can be folded in both directions is particularly eye-catching. The biggest highlight of this Flex In & Out OLED panel is that it can be folded 360 degrees in two directions. This means that the phone does not need to come with a separate external screen like the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Without the limitation of an external screen, the phone can theoretically become thinner. This device can also accommodate a larger battery or better camera within the same thickness.

OLED screens

However, this also means that the screen is always exposed. Thus, it will be more susceptible to damage from knocks. Samsung has strengthened the panel for this purpose and demonstrated several rigorous durability tests at the booth. This includes extreme temperatures (-20°C to 60°C) test, basketball hitting the screen, water immersion and sand rubbing.

A representative from Samsung Display said: “In&Out Flip technology provides a new option for users who prefer straight phones, solving the thickness problem of traditional foldable phones. After unfolding, both the inner and outer screens can be used, bringing a new user experience.”

Samsung Rollable Flex & Sliding Flex Hybrid

In addition to the two-way folding screen, Samsung also demonstrated other types of OLED screens. One of them is the Rollable Flex and the foldable and sliding Flex Hybrid. The Rollable Flex can be rolled to a quarter of its original size. However, the sliding Flex Hybrid is an OLED panel that can fold and slide at the same time. These are all innovative technologies that we have not seen in the market before. 

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OLED for cars

Samsung also demonstrated OLED panels for autonomous driving and connected cars, depicting a picture of the future digital cockpit. The company’s 9.4-inch circular OLED screen has been used in the new MINI Cooper electric car. In addition, there is a 12.4-inch curled OLED panel that can be hidden in front of the passenger seat, and rear passengers can pull it up to watch videos or operate certain functions.

OLED screens

Ultra Thin OLED

Finally, Samsung also demonstrated a UT (Ultra Thin) OLED panel with a thickness of only 0.6 mm, which is about the same thickness as a business card. This allows laptop manufacturers to create slimmer and more compact devices, or to accommodate larger batteries than traditional LCD-screen laptops at the same thickness. These OLED panels now use 100% oxide instead of amorphous silicon (a-Si). This reduces flickering at low refresh rates and can also reduce the refresh rate to 1Hz in variable refresh rate mode. With this, it further saves power and extends the battery life.

OLED screens

Final Words

Samsung made a significant impact at the CES 2024 event with the launch of various OLED screens, including a bi-directional folding OLED screen, rollable OLED screens, and OLED screens for autonomous driving and connected cars. One of the innovative screens can be folded 360 degrees in two directions, eliminating the need for a separate external screen. Samsung has strengthened the panel to improve durability and demonstrated rigorous tests to showcase its resilience

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