Blackview BL8000 Hit the Global Stage with Dual 5G, Dual Screens, and Dual Selfies

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With the increased demand for high-quality selfies, users are no longer satisfied with using their phones’ front-facing cameras. Instead, users prefer to take selfies with the higher resolution rear camera. The difficulty, however, is that the rear camera cannot achieve the same level of visibility as the front camera for selfies. 

As one of the pioneers in the field of rugged smart devices, Blackview has been dedicated to researching and developing smart rugged devices for the past decade, enabling users to embrace a rugged lifestyle. In the realm of rugged devices, they have innovated in technologies such as thermal imaging, night vision, and laser ranging, earning praise and popularity from users all over the world. Recently, they have broken away from traditional designs of phones to launch its latest flagship rugged phone, Blackview BL8000, which features dual 5G, dual screens, and dual selfies.

As Blackview’s latest flagship rugged phone, what sets BL8000 apart? Dual-screen design! Dual 5G speed! Dual selfies photography! Rugged capability! Seamless operations! In response to users’ concerns about the complexity of accessing features like music or compass amidst the wealth of information on the main screen, Blackview BL8000  introduces a secondary screen on the rear, which grants instant access to the clock, music player, step counter, weather display, compass, and photography. Other than the distinct dual-screen design, what else can users expect from BL8000? Geared towards helping users swiftly handle tasks and data transfer at work, and achieve faster internet speeds and quicker data retrieval in gaming,

Rock solid specs all around

Blackview BL8000 features a 6nm 5G MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor for faster task processing, 24GB of LPDDR5 RAM for faster data transmission, 512GB of UFS3.1 ROM for faster read speed, dual-band WiFi 6 for faster internet speeds, and 33W charging for faster recharging. To ensure that users can capture portraits from both front and back, the main camera boasts a 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL GN5 sensor for dual selfies, which is enriched by True-Chroma Image 2.0 for 100% color reproduction and powered by ArcSoft® 8.0 to infuse professional flair into every captured image.

Ensuring users can embrace a worry-free rugged lifestyle at work, on adventures, and in everyday life, it not only boasts top-notch MIL-SPEC 810H with 1.2M death-broke drop proof and leading-edge IP68 & IP69K with 1.5M waterproofness but also features a Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus 5 screen on both front and back for heightened durability against scratches and drops! With users in mind for a private, personalized, smooth, and convenient user experience, Blackview BL8000 runs the latest DokeOS 4.0 based on Android 13.


No.1 Display Upgrades: Dual-Screen Magic in Every View!

6.78″ Main Display+1.3″ Back Display+Eye-comfort Mode+Smart-PA Box Speaker


Guess what? Blackview is now leading the game with dual-screen design in rugged phones! Nestled within the phone’s rear, the secondary screen of Blackview BL8000 provides quick access to the clock, music,  step counter, weather,compass, and camera. It sounds normal, but it does so much more in users’ day-to-day use. More convenient! Without the need for complicated operations, users can effortlessly access weather updates and music control during the commute. More private! Without having to flip the phone over, users can check the time and receive the latest message notifications without information leaks during meetings.

More power-saving! Without the power drain of the main display, users can utilize the compass and step counter during adventures. Also, It can be a viewfinder if users want to take selfies with the 50 MP main camera. And it is indeed a creative move to combine two items — a smartphone and a smartwatch — into a single product. Just like you can set  different interface styles on the smartwatch, so can the Blackview BL8000’s secondary screen.

Bright big main display

Onto the main display part, Blackview BL8000’s 2.4K 6.78″ CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 5 display will unfold before users’ eyes! Whether users are indulging in favorite movies or conquering epic games, 2.4K visual marvel treats users’ eyes to a symphony of vibrant colors and razor-sharp details. From scrolling through pages to playing games, its 120Hz smart dynamic refresh rate(60/90/120Hz) adds a big plus point for Blackview BL8000 among peer devices.

Even when used outdoors in direct sunlight, the 550nits peak brightness of the Blackview BL8000 ensures that every word on the device is visible. The phone’s sound system is noteworthy too, with the smart-PA box speaker, it transports the user right into the action with a true stereo sound all around. Certainly, there are multiple eye-comfort modes available. Users, be it during prolonged reading or nighttime device use, can achieve a more comfortable visual experience with just a tap to activate the corresponding mode.

No.2 Performance Upgrades: 5G Performance Thrills in Every Task!

Dimensity 7050+24GB of DDR5 RAM+512GB  of UFS 3.1 ROM +Dual-band WiFi 6


Tired of rugged phones that crumble at the slightest hint of demanding tasks? Fear not, for the Blackview BL8000 has arrived. Powering Blackview BL8000 is the 6nm Octa-core 5G MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor with 2*Cortex-A78 cores clocked at 2.6GHz and 6*Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 2.0GH, ensuring smooth performance for all the daily tasks. Whether it is browsing, gaming, or multitasking, the powerful processor handles it all with ease. Say goodbye to frustrating lag with up to  24GB(12GB+12GB expansion) of RAM while multitasking, and then hello to this performance beast empowered by DDR5 with 50% faster data transfer speeds than LPDDR4X.

What about storage limitations? Not a chance with Blackview BL8000! Be it 180K+ Songs, 69K+ Photos, or 1160+ Short videos, users can store all their precious memories, with up to jaw-dropping 512GB ROM. Furthermore, users can transfer data, including images, music, videos, and more, at lightning-fast speeds thanks to the UFS3.1 tech of 512GB ROM, which offers 120% faster read speed and 566% faster write speeds than UFS 2.1. Unsurprisingly, Blackview BL8000  supports dual-band Wi-Fi 6 with connections in both  2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.  It’s simply a given for users to experience a 3×faster data rate than Wifi 5 on Blackview BL8000!

Solid endurance

For those constantly on the move, Blackview BL8000 offers an outstanding 8,800mAh battery capacity with up to 384 hours on standby, so that users won’t have to worry about frequent charging or hunting for outlets in remote locations. What detracts from having a large battery is having to spend extended hours attached to the charging cable. But don’t worry,  with Blackview BL8000‘s 33W fast charging, it can be recharged to 22%  in half an hour, allowing users to stay charged and ready for anything life throws at them. What’s more, Blackview BL8000 can be the hero of the day with reverse charging to rescue devices from low battery emergencies.

No.3  Photography Upgrades: Photography Marvels in Every Shot!

16 MP Front (90° FOV)+50 MP Rear +8 MP Wide-angle(117° FOV) +2 MP Depth

Blackview BL8000 is a flagship rugged phone, but that doesn’t mean it comes with token unsatisfactory cameras. Photography enthusiasts will be pleased with the 50 MP Samsung® ISOCELL GN5 rear camera and 8MP wide-angle camera with the support of 117° FOV, while the 16MP front camera takes care of selfies with  90° FOV. 

The main camera is a 50 MP Samsung® GN5 with a massive 1/1.57 inch sensor. It can be faster to realize autofocus while shooting fast-moving objects with the support of Dual Pixel technology; It can be clearer to shoot the night scene with the support of Quad Pixel and Smart ISO tech; It can be easier to capture the details of the bright and dark parts of the photo at the same time with the support of HDR solution. With the support of True-Chroma Image 2.0, Blackview BL8000 can reproduce nearly all of the hues seen in nature, making various colors of flowers vivid in photos.

Great selfies for everybody

Additionally, the secondary display adds more possibilities for photography by allowing users to snap high-resolution selfies with the main camera. The BL8000’s 8MP wide-angle camera with the support of 117° wide-angle, easily catches large vistas of nature, providing users with a diverse range of creative photography options. A 16 MP front-facing camera also assures 100% true color, perfectly replicating natural skin tones, whether it’s frozen ears in red or bashful cheeks that can be recorded realistically. When taking group shots with pals, there is no need for a selfie stick thanks to the support of a 90° wide angle on the 16 MP front camera.

The real surprise that awaits photography enthusiasts on Blackview BL8000 is the support of the all-new ArcSoft® 8.0 with up to 18% photography result improvement. Users can take a big picture with the camera modes that come with BL8000, which include HDR 2.0 for vivid shots in backlight, Super Night 2.0 for clear shots in darkness, Panorama Mode for wide shots in one frame, Beauty Mode for fine-tuned pictures, and Portrait Mode for a portrait of artwork. What’s more, there is also a Pro mode that allows users to adjust camera settings like a professional photographer, and a Mono mode that frames the photo as an immortal black-and-white masterpiece. Also with the support of underwater cameras, Blackview BL8000 can preserve every unique underwater adventure of users easily.

No.4  Ruggedness Upgrades: Durability Reigns in Every Angle!

MIL-SPEC 810H +IP68& IP69K+Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5+Glove Mode 2.0

Blackview has carved a niche for itself in the field of rugged phones. The flagship rugged phone, Blackview BL8000, where ruggedness is the key. Fall it into a mud puddle? Providing military-grade protection of IP68 & IP69K, it offers an impressive level of water and dust resistance (1.5M submersion in water for 30 minutes). Fall it on the gravel? Also certified under MIL-STD-810H, it can be drop-resistant for up to 1.5 meters – however, according to Blackview, they do much better in practice with up to 15M throw-proofness.

Any accidental scratches or bumps? Its CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 5 with 4x scratch resistance on both sides won’t leave users with a shattered screen. Slip it from your hands? Despite being IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810H-certified as its forebears in its market, Blackview BL8000 still adds reinforced rubber corners, secure port covers, and an aluminum alloy frame reinforced with screws for enhanced ruggedness. What’s more, this device also comes in handy for adventurers with glove mode 2.0 to help users get work done with gloves on, even in extreme outdoor conditions from  -40 ℃ to +80℃

No.5 Operation System Upgrades: Operation Brilliance in Every Byte!

DokeOS 4.0  based on Android 13

As a flagship rugged phone, Blackview BL8000, not only boasts brawn but also brains. It might catch users’ eye with its robust exterior, but it’s the surprises within that truly captivate users with DokeOS 4.0  based on Android 13. Blackview BL8000 puts users at the center, offering enhanced convenience, smoother performance, heightened privacy, and personalized features. How does the BL8000 bring greater convenience to users? The EasyShare app facilitates data transfer 60 times faster than Bluetooth. Smart QR scanning reduces the need for time-consuming scanning operations. Screen attention prevents screen timeout by tracking the user’s gaze. Real-time subtitles instantly provide on-screen translation without missing a word. How does the BL8000 optimize the performance? Atomized memory 2.0 increases available memory by 5-9%.

Focus Computing 2.0 tailors output based on user demands. F2FS & EROFS file systems achieve a 20%-300% boost in file read speed. Smart pre-loading enhances software startup speed by 23% according to user habits. How does the BL8000 prioritize users’ privacy? Workspace app separates work and personal data. The sensitive message on the clipboard history can be cleaned regularly. The permissions beyond what is required to run that software are managed by users. How does DokeOS 4.0 add a personal touch to Blackview BL8000? A full set of personal themes allows users to customize icons and lock screens as they like. Large folders provide users the freedom to arrange a unique interface as they like.

Other Highlights

As a rugged phone that doesn’t compromise on functions, there’s much more waiting for users to explore, such as NFC, face unlock, useful toolkits, and a 4-in-1 navigation system with dual frequency positioning.

Price and Availability

During the AliExpress premiere sale from Jan 17 to Jan 19, 2024, PST, Blackview BL8000, initially valued at $459.98, will kick off with a special price of $229.99 – that’s a jaw-dropping 50% discount! Be among the first 1000 buyers to snag it at a limited offer of $199.99. Plus, the first 100 buyers will receive a complimentary W50.

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