Telegram copies WhatsApp with one-time view audios and videos

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In the realm of ephemeral messaging, Telegram has long been a pioneer with its introduction of secret chats and various related functions, including self-destructing messages. However, the latest updates from Telegram seem to draw inspiration from its counterpart, WhatsApp. The messaging platform has implemented features that closely resemble WhatsApp’s. Particularly in the realm of voice and video notes that can be viewed only once.

Telegram Introduces One-Time View Audio and Video Notes

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Telegram recently unveiled three new features related to its audio and short video recorder, enhancing the user experience and expanding the functionality of its messaging platform. These features allow users to record content, be it audio or video, in multiple takes and share it with recipients. Ensuring that the content can only be accessed once.

The first notable improvement is the capability to record audio or video notes in multiple takes, a functionality introduced in WhatsApp relatively recently. This feature is accessible when recording in hands-free mode, where users can lock the recording with a designated icon. Activating the lock icon enables the floating pause button, allowing users to pause and resume recording by pressing the microphone icon.

Additionally, hands-free mode enables users to make the recipient listen to the audio only once. By pressing a designated button, similar to WhatsApp’s functionality, users can restrict access to the audio note. This button also appears when recording a video note, providing a consistent user experience across different types of media.

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While Telegram’s implementation of these features closely mirrors WhatsApp, there are notable differences. Especially in the sophistication of ephemeral video notes within the chat. For instance, the player in Telegram displays a fuse that shortens as the playback progresses. Emphasizing the ephemeral nature of the content. Once the user opens the video note and exits the player, the message is automatically deleted.

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From WhatsApp to Telegram: Discover the Similarities and Differences in Voice and Video Notes

One key distinction between Telegram and WhatsApp is the sender’s ability to revisit ephemeral notes. On Telegram, senders can view ephemeral notes as many times as they wish, provided the recipient has not yet opened them. This contrasts with WhatsApp’s approach, where once a message is sent and viewed, it cannot be revisited by the sender.

The introduction of these features underscores Telegram’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and providing a dynamic messaging experience. By incorporating elements that have gained popularity on other platforms, such as WhatsApp, Telegram aims to offer a comprehensive suite of features to its users.

In conclusion, Telegram’s recent improvements to its audio and short video recorder bring it in line with the evolving landscape of ephemeral messaging. While drawing inspiration from WhatsApp, Telegram adds its own touch of sophistication to the implementation of ephemeral video notes. These enhancements contribute to a more versatile and engaging messaging platform. Meeting the evolving needs of users in the fast-paced world of digital communication.

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