Apple Vision Pro Features That Are Not Yet Available for Non-US Users

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has recently opened pre-orders for the Vision Pro headset in the U.S. market. The official also reminded users in non-U.S. regions that before the device is officially launched in the local market, its functions will be subject to certain restrictions. There will be differences in the experience with local users in the United States. The device is currently locked to U.S. accounts only, and some features and content may be unavailable outside the United States due to licensing restrictions.Ā Therefore, consumers living outside the United States are advised to wait until the device is officially released locally before considering purchasing it.

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The delivery date for pre-orders of the Apple Vision Pro has been postponed to March. This may indicate that it is in high demand. It could also mean that the device is not in stock at the moment. According to previous reports, AppleĀ originally planned to sell only 10,000 to 80,000 Vision Pro units. However, we do not know if the company will be sticking to that plan.

Restrictions outside the U.S.

If you are not in the U.S., you should expect the following restrictions. Apple clearly states in a FAQ on its pre-order page that users who do not live in the U.S. or its environs will face some restrictions:

1.Ā Voice input, Siri, and dictation are only available in English (US)

According to the Apple FAQ page, the Vision Pro headset from Apple only supports English (U.S.) for language and typing, as well as English for Siri and dictation. This means that users who speak other languages or dialects may face difficulties using these features. Therefore, users who live outside the U.S. and purchase the Vision Pro will face a language restriction until the device is officially launched in their region.

2. App Store requires a U.S.-based Apple ID

The App Store for visionOS requires an Apple ID with the region set to the United States. This means that users who live outside the U.S. and purchase the Vision Pro may face some access restrictions until the device is officially launched in their region. There will not be any need to have the Vision Pro if users can not access the App Store. The use of VPNs is not official thus it is not advisable to use a VPN to have a U.S. IP address. Even if you get the U.S. IP address, you will need to open a new U.S.-based Apple ID. However, we can not give any assurance on how that will work out. So, the best bet is to wait for the device to launch officially in our region.

3. US Apple ID is required to purchase Apple Music and TV App

The Vision Pro headset from Apple requires an Apple ID with the region set to the United States for purchasing Apple Music and the TV app. This means that users outside the U.S. will not be able to access Apple Music or the TV app. They can’t make a purchase and they can’t listen to music or watch shows. This can be frustrating especially when there is no alternative.

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Apple Vision Pro

4. Zeiss only accepts optometry orders from U.S. ophthalmologists

Zeiss is a company that specializes in ophthalmic optics and provides a range of products and services related to vision care. One of their offerings is optical inserts, which are designed to provide clear vision when worn exclusively with Apple Vision. However, Zeiss only accepts optometry orders from U.S. ophthalmologists. This means that individuals residing outside the U.S. may face difficulties in obtaining Zeiss optical inserts if they do not have access to a U.S. ophthalmologist. Zeiss optical inserts are custom-made for an individual’s unique visual needs and require a valid eyeglass prescription.

5. Some apps may be restricted to users in the United States

In addition to the restrictions above, if non-U.S. users can navigate through, some apps may only work in the U.S. at the moment. This is obviously due to licensing or other restrictions in those countries or regions. Apple has officially informed potential non-U.S. users not to expect all the apps to work outside the U.S. At the moment, the Vision Pro headset has a U.S.-centric focus. It may just be too much trouble for non-U.S. users to purchase the device.

6. Official support from Apple is not available in non-U.S. regions

Lastly, Apple has officially confirmed that there is no official support from the company in non-U.S. regions. This is to say that if you are outside the U.S., Apple will not be liable for any issue that you may face with the device. The company will not even have a customer care service to attend to requests outside the U.S.

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When will Apple lift these restrictions?

The very short answer to the question of when Apple will lift the restrictions whenever the device launches in any region. It is important to note that the restrictions are as a result of licensing issues that Apple need to tackle before it launches the device. So, when the device launches, it means Apple has gotten all the approvals it needs.

Final Words

These restrictions will undoubtedly significantly affect the user experience. Apple has previously stated that it will launch Vision Pro in other markets later this year. According to reports, the Vision Pro headset should be launched in Canada and the United Kingdom before this year’s WWDC conference. They will be the second batch of countries to get this device after the U.S.

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