S Pen of Galaxy S24 Ultra May Malfunction When Used With MagSafe Accessories

Galaxy S24 Ultra MagSafe

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra debuted as the direct successor to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. While it brings a wide range of new tech, Samsung skipped Qi2, which is the latest MagSafe alternative. For those unaware, Qi2 support means that the devices come with magnets, allowing easy connection for wireless chargers.

There are other benefits as well, but the magnetic feature opens the door for a wide range of accessories. Now, even though the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra doesn’t come with Qi2, case manufacturers have implemented it with their offerings. With these cases, you sort of enjoy what Apple users get with MagSafe.

But if you tend to use the S Pen, you will want to skip the MagSafe cases and accessories for the S24 Ultra. It can make the S Pen malfunction or unresponsive.

What’s Happening With Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s MagSafe Accessories and S Pen?

As you can see from the video embedded below, the S Pen can become unresponsive when you attach a 3rd party MagSafe case. It mainly happens when you attach an accessory to the case. In such situations, the Galaxy S24 Ultra fails to register S Pen input in the area where there are magnets.

You might’ve already guessed what’s happening here. The magnets of the case are interfering with the S Pen, which is causing it to malfunction. Dbrand, a popular accessory brand, has further clarified this issue with another video. The video (attached below) shows that the problem only occurs when you attach something to the case. Without accessories, the S Pen of Galaxy S24 Ultra behaves normally.

Dbrand’s video also offers a key insight. It appears that when you add more pressure to the S Pen, the Galaxy S24 Ultra doesn’t seem to have any issues with registering the input. So, if you do find yourself facing the same problem, add a little more pressure than usual to lower the magnetic interference of the case.

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