How to Exit Recovery Mode iPhone in 3 Easy Methods

Restoring iPhone

Recovery mode on iPhone can come into use in several scenarios. It’s basically a tool that can get your device up and running when there’s an issue. But sometimes, things can go south when you’re in the mode, and you may not be able to exit it. In such cases, knowing how to exit recovery mode iPhone is pretty crucial.

Now, when it comes to how to exit from recovery mode iPhone, there are many different methods and tools you can use. But, according to our tests, not all are easy to go through or use.

As a matter of fact, some are simply ineffective in terms of making you exit recovery mode. So, which methods or tools should you follow? Well, that’s exactly what this guide will delve deep into. Keep on reading to know everything about it.

Part 1: What is Recovery Mode on iPhone?

At the core, recovery mode on iPhone is a troubleshooting tool. It allows you to fix different problems, such as the device stuck on the Apple logo. You can also use it to fix iTunes not recognizing your iPhone issue.

What Causes iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode?

There can be several reasons behind iPhone getting stuck in recovery mode. But in general, you may not be able to exit recovery mode for these reasons:

  • Unsuccessful attempt at jailbreaking the iOS
  • Corrupted firmware update
  • For different types of bugs

Part 2: How to Exit Recovery Mode iPhone via iTunes/Finder?

Before anything else, let’s give you a rundown on how to get iPhone out of recovery mode using iTunes/Finder. Here are the steps:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and update it if it’s outdated.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.
  3. iTunes will detect that there’s something wrong with your iPhone, and it will ask you to restore the iPhone. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Get out of recovery mode with iTunes


This method may not always work as iTunes may fail to detect your iPhone. Also, you will need a PC for running iTunes.

Part 3: How to Exit Recovery Mode iPhone without iTunes/Finder?

Asking yourself how to get my iPhone out of recovery mode without iTunes? It’s possible, and it doesn’t require you to go through any complex steps. So, the tool that we recommend using is UltFone iOS System Repair. We’ve tried multiple others, but none were recommend-worthy.

UltFone iOS System Repair also offers other functions. To be precise, you can fix more than 150 different issues with iOS, including not being able to exit recovery mode. Also, it doesn’t require any jailbreak.

So, how to exit from recovery mode iPhone with UltFone iOS System Repair? Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install UltFone iOS System Repair from the official website. Launch it on your PC and connect the iPhone with an USB cable.

UlFone iOS System Repair App


  1. Select Exit Recovery Mode and let the software do its magic. Within seconds, you will successfully fix the iPhone stuck in recovery mode won’t restore issues.

Exiting recovery mode

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Video Guide for Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone:


The software works with all iPhones, including the ones running iOS 17, but it requires a Windows or Mac PC.

Part 4: How to Exit Recovery Mode iPhone via DFU mode?

You can use DFU mode to get out of Recovery Mode on your iPhone. It requires you to go through a few technical steps, but none of them are too complex. Take a look:

  1. Launch iTunes on your PC and connect the iPhone with a USB cable.
  2. You need to hold specific buttons. Here are some instructions:
  • If you have an iPhone 6s or older device, hold the lock and home button for 9 seconds. Release the lock button, but keep on holding the Home button.
  • For the iPhone 7 series, hold the side button and volume down button. Hold them for 8 seconds, and then hold just the volume down button.
  • If you have a newer device, quickly press the volume up button and then the volume down button after connecting it to the PC. Hold down the button until the screen goes black, and then hold the side button and volume down button. Wait for five seconds and release the side button.
  1. iTunes will ask to restore the iPhone, which will get you out of the recovery mode.

Exit Recovery mode on iPhone


This method will cause you to lose all your data. If your phone has important files, it’s better to use UltFone.


Frequently Asked Questions About Exit Recovery Mode iPhone

1. Can I exit recovery mode without computer?

Yes, you can attempt the following:

  • Force Restart: Try a force restart by holding down the “Power” and “Home” (or “Volume Down”) buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.
  • Utilize “Find My iPhone”: If you have “Find My iPhone” enabled, try using another iOS device to remotely lock and unlock your device. This might help in getting out of recovery mode.

Note that these methods may not be universally effective, and using a computer with iTunes or a specialized recovery tool such as UltFone iOS System Repair is often a more reliable option for exiting recovery mode.

2. How to exit recovery mode without losing data?

You can use UltFone iOS System Repair to exit recovery mode without losing data. It helps you to get unstuck from recovery mode without losing access to your data.

3. How to exit recovery mode iPhone 11?

To exit recovery mode on iPhone 11, you can use iTunes, UltFone software, or DFU mode. Among them, UltFone iOS System Repair is the most effective.

Final Words

It’s not really that hard to learn how to exit recovery mode iPhone. You just need to follow the right steps. And if you don’t want to go through any hassles, it’s best to use UltFone iOS System Repair.

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