Instagram Is Testing Flipside: A Private Playground for Your Inner Circle


Remember the thrill of hiding notes under your mattress as a kid? Instagram wants to recapture that secret-sharing magic with “Flipside.” It is a new feature in testing that lets you create a private space for your closest friends and family.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple accounts to curate different uploads for different audiences. Flipside lives inside your existing profile, accessible with a simple swipe down on your profile icon. It’s like pulling back a velvet curtain to reveal a hidden room, brimming with photos, videos, and stories meant for eyes you trust.

So, Is Instagram Flipside Just Another Version of Close Friends?Ā 

Instagram Flipside isn’t just a glorified “Close Friends” list. It’s a blank canvas for crafting a whole new persona. You get to pick a custom name, bio, and profile picture, shaping an identity tailored to your inner circle.

Want to unleash your unfiltered foodie adventures? Share goofy selfies without public scrutiny? Instagram Flipside can become your safe haven, a judgment-free zone where you can let loose and be yourself, unburdened by the curated perfection of your main feed.

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This private playground isn’t just about self-expression, though. It’s about fostering deeper connections. Imagine sharing inside jokes, impromptu dance parties, or heartfelt moments with the people who truly matter. Instagram Flipside can become a digital campfire that’s surrounded by people you want to be there.


Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is: will Flipside ever see the light of day? The team is not sure if it wants to add another layer to its already complex ecosystem. More specifically, the Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, says, “We’re not even sure we’ll launch it.” But the allure of a fully private space is undeniable. We will keep you updated on how the testing phases go and if there’s any word on a fully public rollout.

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