Microsoft video editing tool Clipchamp welcomes new features

Microsoft’s video editing tool Clipchamp has recently welcomed a host of new features, making it an even more powerful and user-friendly platform for creating and editing videos. Microsoft acquired the video editor Clipchamp in 2021. After the acquisition, it integrated it into Microsoft 365 personal and home edition subscriptions. Recently, the company expanded it to business subscriptions. At the same time, Clipchamp also launched a standalone premium version for non-Microsoft 365 subscribers. Today, an official Microsoft blog post reveals several new audio features coming soon to Clipchamp users.

Microsoft video editing tool

New Clipchamp features

Insert audio into videos

One of the features allows users to insert audio recordings directly into videos. Users can click on the “Audio” option in the “Record & Create” tab of the app and start recording audio clips of up to 30 minutes. Once the recording is complete, they can edit it in the app’s timeline. This feature is available to all personal account users.

Text-to-speech feature

Clipchamp has also made improvements to the text-to-speech feature. “You can now add a text-to-speech track item, then change the language, voice, emotion, pitch, and edit scripts in the properties panel,” Microsoft said. The app also allows users to change the speed of text-to-speech audio. At the moment, this feature is available for all personal Clipchamp accounts and has begun rolling out to business accounts.

Mute Removal

Microsoft also revealed a new audio feature for Clipchamp called “Mute Removal.” If you have an audio track that might have some long stretches of silence, this feature will automatically remove some or all of those silences. This feature will be rolled out to personal Clipchamp accounts as a public preview in late February. After the public preview test ends, it will only be available to Clipchamp Premium subscribers.

Microsoft video editing tool

Clipchamp also offers the following


Add finishing touches to boost your video’s wow factor.

  • Text-to-speech: Generate a flawless voiceover in global languages to make videos with great reach.
  • Audio and voice recorder: Record your voice from your microphone to create authentic voiceovers.
  • Subtitles: Create accessible and easy-to-follow videos with subtitles in any language.
  • Overlays: Drag and drop to layer videos, text, and images on your video footage.
  • Brand kit: Make recognizable videos by importing your brand logo, font and colours.


Clipchamp has introduced several new editing tools, including freehand cropping, gap removal, and a redesigned toolbar, providing users with more flexibility and efficiency in the editing process. Use simple and advanced editing tools to edit like a pro.

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  • Trim and crop: Clip media using the trim tool and remove unwanted footage using the crop tool to make high-impact videos.
  • Resize: Create and convert videos to the perfect aspect ratio size with the video resizer tool.
  • Green Screen: Replace your video background with exciting stock videos and special effects.
  • Audio: Edit your video’s sound freely—split audio and video footage, remove audio or replace it with stock music & sound effects.


These updates reflect Microsoft’s commitment to continuously improving Clipchamp, providing users with a comprehensive and intuitive video editing experience. Whether you’re a content creator, a gaming enthusiast, or a business owner, these new features are designed to empower you to create high-quality videos more efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft video editing tool

Clipchamp Premium Edition

It is important to note that Clipchamp Premium Edition costs $11.99 per month. It also includes features such as 4K video resolution support, advanced material libraries (pictures, videos and audio), more filters and effects, and backup capabilities.


The recent enhancements to Microsoft’s video editing tool, Clipchamp, underscore the company’s dedication to providing users with a robust and user-friendly platform for creating and editing videos. With the integration of new audio features like text-to-speech, audio insertion, and mute removal, Clipchamp empowers users to enhance their video projects with greater creativity and precision.

The expansion of Clipchamp’s availability to business subscriptions and the introduction of a standalone premium version for non-Microsoft 365 subscribers further broaden its accessibility and appeal to a diverse range of users. These updates reflect Microsoft’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of content creators, businesses, and individuals seeking to produce high-quality video content.

Moreover, the array of editing tools and features offered by Clipchamp, from freehand cropping to screen recording and GIF creation, equip users with the resources they need to bring their creative visions to life effortlessly. The Clipchamp Premium Edition, with its additional capabilities and support for 4K video resolution. It represents a valuable option for users seeking advanced features and enhanced flexibility in their video editing.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s continuous improvements to Clipchamp underscore its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, positioning the platform as a leading choice for video editing and creation across various industries and use cases. As Clipchamp evolves and expands its capabilities, it remains poised to empower users worldwide to unlock their creative potential and produce compelling video content with ease.

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