Samsung Galaxy S24 series adds adaptive charging feature to extend battery life

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series debuts an adaptive charging feature designed to prolong the battery life of the devices. Enhanced battery protection features have been incorporated into the Galaxy S24 series. It offers users a range of options to extend the phone’s battery life, particularly for those who frequently charge overnight.Ā Before the One UI 6.1 update and the Galaxy S24 series, the “Battery Saver” feature was a simple switch that limited maximum charging to 85% when enabled.Ā The Galaxy S24 series introduces a smarter system that even adapts to the user’s sleep schedule. The new battery protection function in the Galaxy S24 series provides three modes. One of the three modes is the new adaptive charging feature. The available modes areĀ 

  1. Basics: When the battery reaches 100%, charging will stop and will not resume until the battery reaches 95%.
  2. Maximum: Stop charging when battery power reaches 80%.
  3. Adaptive Charging: This mode uses “Max” mode when you sleep and automatically switches to “Basic” mode before you get up.

Adaptive mode is very smart and practical, especially for users who sleep while their phone is charging. This mode predicts each user’s wake-up time based on their unique sleep patterns and starts charging the battery earlier accordingly.Ā 

Samsung Galaxy S24 series

Adaptive Charging Feature

The adaptive charging feature in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is designed to prolong the battery life of the devices. It works by adjusting the charging speed and schedule based on the user’s habits and usage patterns. The device learns the user’s charging routine and delays charging to 100% until it predicts that the device will be unplugged. This helps reduce the time the battery spends at maximum capacity, which can contribute to battery degradation over time.

The Galaxy S24 series supports both wired and wireless fast charging. Standard fast charging requires a charging cable that supports adaptive fast charging with a capacity of 25W, while super-fast charging requires a 45W capacity cable and a 45W Travel Adapter. The super-fast charging feature is only available on select models and is designed to provide rapid charging for the devices.

Considering the fast wired and wireless charging described above, the adaptive charging feature becomes very important. This will protect the battery from overcharging thereby protecting the overall health of the battery.

How to Use the Adaptive Charging Feature

It is important to note that the adaptive charging feature is not active by default settings on the Galaxy S24 series. By default, users will get the basic mode. However, if you need the adaptive charging mode, then follow the simple steps below to choose between basic, maximum or adaptive charging.Ā To enable the adaptive charging feature on the Galaxy S24 series, users can follow these steps:

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  1. Access the device’s settings and navigate to the Battery section.
  2. Select the Adaptive Charging option.
  3. Toggle the Adaptive Charging feature to enable it.

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Benefits of Adaptive Charging

The benefits of Samsung Adaptive Charging include:

1. Prolonged Battery Lifespan: Adaptive Charging helps the battery last longer at full capacity, translating to consistent battery life over months or years of use.

2. Preservation of Battery Health: By keeping the battery at around 80% for most of the night and allowing it to reach full charge right before you wake up, Adaptive Charging helps preserve the battery’s health over time.

3. Reduced Degradation: It aims to prevent constant cycling between 99-100% charge, which can contribute to battery degradation, by intelligently managing the charging process.

4. Flexibility and User Control: Some implementations of Adaptive Charging, such as on the Pixel 7, provide users with notifications and the ability to temporarily disable the feature, offering flexibility while still prioritizing battery health.

In summary, Samsung Adaptive Charging is designed to extend the lifespan of the battery, preserve its health, and reduce degradation by intelligently managing the charging process, ultimately providing users with a consistent and long-lasting battery life.

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Final Words

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series introduces an innovative adaptive charging feature aimed at enhancing the longevity of the device’s battery. With enhanced battery protection features, users now have a variety of options to optimize battery life, particularly beneficial for those who frequently charge overnight. This advanced system represents a significant evolution from the traditional “Battery Saver” feature, offering a more intuitive and proactive approach to charging management.

The adaptive charging feature, one of three available modes, stands out for its intelligent adaptation to users’ sleep schedules. By predicting wake-up times based on individual sleep patterns, the Galaxy S24 series ensures optimal charging efficiency while minimizing the time spent at maximum battery capacity. This not only extends the lifespan of the battery but also contributes to overall battery health and performance over time.

Furthermore, the flexibility and user control provided by the adaptive charging feature empowers users to customize their charging experience according to their preferences and usage habits. Through simple steps to activate the feature, users can enjoy prolonged battery lifespan and reduced degradation without compromising on charging convenience.

In conclusion, Samsung’s adaptive charging feature in the Galaxy S24 series represents a significant advancement in battery management technology, offering users a smarter and more efficient way to preserve battery health and optimize device performance for the long term.

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