Looking for the Best Sonos Speaker? Check Out Our Top Picks for Early 2024

Best Sonos Speakers

It goes without saying that Sonos has one of the largest high-end speaker collections. There’s also a ton of Symfonisk speakers that the brand has released in collaboration with Ikea. But among all, which is the best Sonos speaker for you?

Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. As mentioned earlier, Sonos has a lot in store, meaning that it has something for everyone. But if you were to ask us to narrow down the options to four, these would be our top picks:

Sonos Era 100 – The Best Sonos Speaker to Get Started with Sonos

Sonos Era 100

If you don’t exactly know what Sonos speakers can offer, you should check out the Sonos Era 100. It’s hands-down the best Sonos speaker to get into the ecosystem.

This compact maestro packs a punch beyond its size. Compared to its predecessor, the Sonos One, the Era 100 boasts a richer, fuller sound thanks to a larger woofer and the magic of stereo playback. Imagine deep basslines resonating without muddying the crisp highs and detailed mids. That’s the Era 100 experience.

And its versatility goes beyond acoustics. Its Bluetooth connectivity lets your friends seamlessly share their music. The line-in option opens doors to turntables and other wired sources. Plus, the improved touch controls offer effortless navigation, making adjustments a breeze.

But is the Era 100 the right maestro for you? If you crave portability, this might not be for you. Also, if you want smart assistant flexibility (including Google Assistant), check other Sonos speakers. But it’s true that Era 100 strikes a harmonious balance. It’s great for those seeking an affordable, feature-packed entry point into the Sonos ecosystem.

Main Highlights of Sonos Era 100

  • Compact and easy to setup
  • Delivers crisp sound output
  • Versatile
  • Compatible with smart assistants

Sonos Roam – Best Portable and Travel Sonos Speaker

Sonos Roam

For the adventurous audiophile, the Sonos Roam is the ideal traveling companion. This pocket-sized maestro transforms any environment into a personalized soundscape. But it’s not for only traveling, though. The Sonos speaker can blend with your home Sonos system when you return.

Think of the Roam as the dynamic second act of your audio journey. This lightweight wonder packs a punch, delivering clean, detailed audio that belies its size. Yes, the speaker might not rival the bass power of its bigger siblings. But the Roam fills small rooms with vibrant sound, perfect for picnics. You can also rely on it for cozy evenings by the campfire and poolside lounging.

But the Roam’s magic extends beyond portability. Its Wi-Fi capabilities integrate it into your Sonos ecosystem. This ensures your music follows you wherever you roam within your home. And when adventure calls beyond your four walls, the Roam effortlessly switches to Bluetooth mode. With this, it can become the ultimate travel companion.

Intrigued by the voice-controlled convenience of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa? The Roam has you covered. With built-in mics, you can summon your preferred assistant with ease, making song changes and volume adjustments a breeze.

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Main Highlights of Sonos Roam

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Features built-in mics for easy assistant calls
  • Has Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Sports an IP67 rating

Sonos Arc – Best Sonos Soundbar

Sonos Arc

Want to enhance your TV-watching experience with a Sonos speaker? You would want to check out the Sonos Arc.

With this soundbar, you can forget about small built-in TV speakers. This flagship soundbar envelops you in a wave of immersive sound, from the roar of explosions to the subtlest whispers. Eleven engineered drivers, including dedicated height channels, work their magic. They create a soundscape that transcends your screen.

But the Arc isn’t only for movie marathons. Its versatility shines for music lovers too. Crystal-clear highs, rich mid-tones, and powerful bass come together in this soundbar. They create a listening experience that rivals dedicated hi-fi systems. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re swaying to jazz or headbanging to rock. The Arc faithfully reproduces every detail, infusing your music with depth and emotion.

And let’s not forget convenience. The Arc integrates into your Sonos ecosystem. You can control it through the app or your voice (with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support). Plus, its sleek design complements any living room aesthetic, ensuring it blends in beautifully even when silent.

Main Highlights of Sonos Arc

  • Can deliver an immersive audio experience
  • Has a versatile sound profile
  • Compatible with Sonos ecosystem
  • Sports a sleek design

Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker – Best Affordable Sonos Speaker

Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

Let’s face it: not everyone wants to break the bank on their speakers. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or miss out on the Sonos magic. Introducing the Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker. But yes, it’s not a Sonos-exclusive product. This stylish speaker is a collaboration between Sonos and Ikea.

Even so, the speaker delivers sound quality comparable to the Sonos One at a fraction of the price. Imagine rich, detailed audio filling your living room, bookshelf, or anywhere you choose to place it. You are getting all that without straining your wallet.

But affordability isn’t its only virtue. The Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker boasts versatility unmatched in its price range. For example, you can use it as a standalone speaker or pair two for immersive stereo sound. Or, you can integrate it into your Sonos home theater setup as surround speakers. The choice is yours!

With a sleek design that blends into any décor, the Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker becomes more than a speaker. It becomes an elegant addition to your space. Mount it on the wall, place it on a bookshelf, or let it stand on the floor – it adapts to your style.

Main Highlights of Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

  • Affordable and delivers a great value
  • Offers great sound performance
  • Versatile setup options
  • Features a sleek yet elegant design
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