Xiaomi Watch S3 Based on HyperOS Platform Makes Global Debut

Xiaomi Watch S3 global

Xiaomi has brought many of its products to the global markets at MWC 2024. There’s the new wearables that aim to offer the best value. Among them is the Xiaomi Watch S3. You shouldn’t confuse it as the successor of the Xiaomi Watch 2.

Instead, the Xiaomi Watch S3 resides in a different category as it’s not powered by Google’s Wear OS. Instead, it’s based on Xiaomi’s IoT HyperOS platform. So, you can’t download apps on the smartwatch. But that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing it.

For the price, which is EUR 150 (around $163), the Xiaomi Watch S3 nails the essentials. It comes with an elegant design, health and fitness tracking, and many smart features.

A Closer Look Into the Xiaomi Watch S3

As mentioned earlier, even though the Watch S3 doesn’t run on Wear OS, it brings a lot to the table. For example:

Elegant Design With Plenty of Customization Features

Xiaomi Watch S3 strikes a balance between elegance and modern technology. Its large 1.43-inch AMOLED display offers bright and vivid colors. The smartwatch’s lightweight aluminum alloy frame keeps it comfortable on the wrist. But what sets this watch apart is its interchangeable bezel and strap system.

Xiaomi Watch S3 screen

You will find the Watch S3 available in various colors and materials. That includes Chrome Yellow, Ocean Blue, Dual-tone Ceramic, and a stunning Rainbow option. All this allows users to personalize their watch to suit any occasion or style.

Watch S3 Colors

The unique customization doesn’t stop there. With a simple twist, users can swap bezels. This swap triggers a corresponding, exclusive watch face on the screen. It is a seamless integration between hardware and software. And with it, Xiaomi nails it in offering users a whole new level of personalization.

Customization feature

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Watch S3 empowers self-expression through its portrait auto-keying feature. Users can embed personal data or pictures into their existing portrait photos. It allows the creation of a unique and personalized watch face.

Customization features of Xiaomi Watch S3

On top of these innovative features, the watch boasts a vast collection of over 180 free watch faces. More options are available in the watch face market. This extensive range guarantees that users can find the perfect aesthetic match. Also, it makes the Xiaomi Watch S3 a versatile fashion accessory.

Smooth Performance of Xiaomi Watch S3

The Xiaomi Watch S3 isn’t about aesthetics. This smartwatch also delivers impressive performance, thanks to Xiaomi’s HyperOS operating system.

Face Portrait powered by HyperOS

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HyperOS delivers a smoother and faster user experience compared to previous iterations. The platform achieves it through:

Faster connections and information synchronization

HyperOS streamlines data exchange. It ensures information displayed on the watch is always up to date.

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Unified icon interface

Navigating the watch feels intuitive and effortless. It’s due to a consistent icon style across all functionalities.

Enhanced compatibility

HyperOS prioritizes seamless connectivity between the Watch S3 and other Xiaomi devices. This further enriches the user experience within the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Battery Life of the Smartwatch

The true star of the show might be the Watch S3’s remarkable battery life. Xiaomi claims it can last for up to 15 days on a single charge. This battery life makes the smartwatch ideal for users who value extended use.

Xiaomi Watch S3 global launch

Furthermore, the watch incorporates fast-charging technology. With a five-minute charge, you can get enough power to keep the watch running for up to two days. This makes it perfect for those who forget to charge their device overnight or need a quick boost on the go.

Adding to its convenience, the Watch S3 introduces a first-of-its-kind one-handed operation system. Users can customize wrist movements for easier controls. That includes flicking or turning the wrist to reject calls, check the weather, or take photos.

Health and Fitness Monitoring with Xiaomi Watch S3

The Xiaomi Watch S3 isn’t only a stylish accessory. It’s also a comprehensive fitness and health companion.

Catering to diverse users, the Watch S3 boasts a staggering 150+ sports modes. This vast selection caters to a wide range of activities. That ranges from running and cycling to swimming. It even has new winter sports modes, making it perfect for ski enthusiasts.

Fitness features Watch S3

For activities like skiing, the Watch S3 utilizes the L1+L5 dual-band GNSS technology. This translates to improved antenna reception and precise positioning. It can also give users accurate data during their snowy adventures.

Xiaomi Watch S3 goes beyond tracking activity. It also incorporates professional exercise algorithms that analyze data. For example, it records max oxygen uptake, training load, and recovery time.

Heart rate feature

There are ten different running courses offered by the Watch S3. They are both for aspiring and seasoned runners. Also, these tailored programs cater to various skill levels and goals. So it doesn’t matter whether you aim to improve endurance or burn fat.

The Watch S3 boasts upgraded health monitoring capabilities. The 12-channel heart rate monitoring provides more accurate readings compared to previous generations. This offers users valuable insights into their cardiovascular health. Additionally, the watch provides all-day monitoring of blood oxygen and pressure levels.

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