U.S. set to increase its chip market share to 20% globally by 2030

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The U.S. semiconductor industry aims to increase its chip market share to 20% globally by 2030. This is driven by various factors such as the growth in semiconductor demand across industries. US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo delivered a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. It was at this event that she announced the plan. She revealed the expansion of the complete production line from raw material supply to packaging. Subsidies will increase the share of U.S.-made chip shipments to 20% of the world by 2030.

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U.S. Semiconductor Industry’s Goal

Raimondo said that with the leadership of the U.S. government and the active participation of semiconductor industry companies, the U.S.’s share of the global advanced lithography technology chip production service market will reach 20% by 2030.

Raimondo said that to promote this goal, she will comprehensively support and develop the entire process industry chain from semiconductor development to silicon wafer processing and packaging. There are also plans to establish several chip testing and packaging companies.

However, Raimondo also reveals some of the challenges that it is facing. The agency has received subsidy applications from 600 companies. In the field of advanced lithography technology alone, the needs of each company are estimated to reach $70 billion. The total amount of subsidies previously provided by the U.S. government is no less than $28 billion.

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Recommendations and Challenges

To achieve its market share goal, the U.S. semiconductor industry needs to address the looming workforce shortage and invest in talent development initiatives. Proactive measures such as strengthening support for education programs, expanding the STEM pipeline, and retaining international talent are crucial to bridging the skills gap.

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In conclusion, the U.S. semiconductor industry has set an ambitious target of increasing its global chip market share to 20% by 2030, as announced by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. This initiative reflects a concerted effort to bolster America’s position in semiconductor manufacturing and technology, driven by the rising demand for chips across various sectors.

To realize this goal, the U.S. government and semiconductor companies are collaborating to expand domestic production capabilities, from raw materials to packaging, and promote the adoption of advanced lithography technology. However, significant challenges lie ahead, including the need to address substantial subsidy requirements and navigate workforce shortages.

Efforts to overcome these challenges will require strategic investments in talent development and education programs to cultivate a skilled workforce and sustain innovation in the semiconductor industry. Also, by addressing these obstacles and leveraging collaborative partnerships, the U.S. semiconductor sector aims to enhance its global competitiveness and secure a prominent position in the evolving landscape of chip manufacturing.

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