No Xiaomi Phones in Flagship AnTuTu Performance List for February 2024, Dimensity Tops Again

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The fight between the flagship processors from MediaTek and Qualcomm has never been as exciting as it is now. In general, Qualcomm processors used to win with better stability and scores. However, some past releases from MediaTek have closed the gap, which became quite apparent with the last AnTuTu performance list.

For those wondering, AnTuTu is a benchmarking tool that allows you to test the performance of your device. It runs the hardware through a couple of tests and gives you a total score. You can use this score to compare a smartphone with others. While benchmarking scores aren’t everything, they are useful if you want to purchase a phone that packs the power you need.


Getting back to the AnTuTu performance list, it basically consists of the 10 best smartphones. Every month, AnTuTu shares one for flagship and one for mid-range. Again, these are based on the benchmarking scores, and they don’t directly depict real-world usage. But they do act like a proper starting point to find your next purchase.

That said, last month, chipsets from Dimensity reigned in both the flagship and mid-range categories. The story is the same for the AnTuTu performance list this month. But what’s interesting is that there are no Xiaomi phones in the flagship list. In general, we used to see at least one in past reports shared by AnTuTu. But yes, one Xiaomi phone is still topping over the others in the mid-range list.

A Closer Look At the Flagship AnTuTu Performance List for February 2024

Let’s start with the flagship performance list from AnTuTu. Like last month, the phone at the top is the Oppo Find X7 with Dimensity 9300 is at the top of the list. The average score of this phone for February is 2195036. A Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 device has the second spot, but it’s not the same one from the last list. While iQOO 12 Pro had the position last month, it’s the Asus ROG 8 Pro for February.

As for the score, the ROG 8 Pro got an average of 2157660 points. iQOO 12 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 appears to have climbed up and secured the third position on the new list. It has an average score of 2120878, which is a big improvement from last month. You can check the scores of the other phones from the image attached below.

AnTuTu flagship performance list 2024 february

What’s surprising to see is that there are no Xiaomi phones on the flagship list. Usually, the flagship AnTuTu performance list has at least one phone from the brand. However, it seems like February isn’t the month for Xiaomi. But then again, we don’t see the latest OnePlus 12 in the list either. If you’re wondering why they are not there, it’s because these devices didn’t have at least 1,000 valid running scores for the month. AnTuTu doesn’t consider the devices that don’t meet that criterion.

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About the Mid-range List

The mid-range list has the same Xiaomi Redmi K70E for last month at the top position. For February, it has an average score of 1405360. It’s a Dimensity 8300 Ultra phone, which means MediaTek is topping both the flagship and mid-range performance list again.

As for the second spot, it’s the Realme GT Neo5 SE that’s securing the position. The phone had the same position in last month’s performance list from AnTuTu. For February, it has an average score of 1155230. In the third spot, we have the Redmi Note 12 Turbo, which, again, is the same that held the third position last month. It now has an average score of 1138654. You can learn more about the phones that are on the mid-range list from the picture attached below.

AnTuTu Mid range February 2024 performance list

What Other Aspects Should You Consider Other Than AnTuTu Performance Benchmark Scores?

It’s crucial to remember that benchmark scores are just one piece of the puzzle. When selecting a smartphone, several other factors deserve equal, if not greater. Some of them are:

Camera Quality and Battery Life

Look beyond megapixels. Explore features like sensor size, aperture, and lens quality. Do you prioritize low-light photography? Zoom capabilities? Research which phones excel in your desired areas. Also, assess the phone’s battery capacity and its ability to keep up with your usage patterns. These are two of the things that AnTuTu performance list can’t shed light on.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra camera config

Display, Build, and Software

The phone’s display is a crucial aspect that you can’t assess from the AnTuTu performance list. Here, you need to look into the panel quality, resolution, refresh rate, and touch response. Also, consider the design and the build quality. Make sure that you get a phone that lasts.

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Lastly, factor in the software. Explore features specific to the operating system and any extra convenient software offered by the manufacturer. And make sure that the phone has support for software updates. Even the top-scoring device in the AnTuTu performance list isn’t worth it if it comes with very outdated software with no support planned.

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