Xiaomi 15 series is testing a special single-point ultrasonic fingerprint solution

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After the official launch of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra last month, the Chinese brand is now working on its new series, Xiaomi 15 series. The Xiaomi 15 series, which includes the Xiaomi 15, 15 Pro, and 15 Ultra, is reportedly testing a unique single-point ultrasonic fingerprint feature. This technology is a significant upgrade from the traditional optical fingerprint scanners found in most smartphones. This report is coming from a popular and authoritative Chinese tech blogger, @DigitalChatStation (@DCS). According to him, the Xiaomi 15 series is testing a “Huiding” single-point ultrasonic fingerprint feature. This process will enter a new stage of hardware NPI (New Product Introduction) in April. The term “Huiding” may mean that this solution is from the Chinese company, Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiaomi 15 Series

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanners vs. Optical Fingerprint Scanners

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners use high-frequency sound waves to create a 3D map of the user’s fingerprint, offering a higher level of accuracy and security compared to optical counterparts. Optical fingerprint scanners, on the other hand, capture a 2D image of the fingerprint using light, making them generally faster but potentially more susceptible to spoofing.

Single-Point Ultrasonic Fingerprint Technology

The Xiaomi 15 Pro and 15 Ultra are said to sport an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, a feature that was primarily found on several Samsung Galaxy flagship phones and recently on the OPPO Find X7 Ultra and iQOO 12 Pro. The single-point ultrasonic fingerprint technology is a more secure solution than traditional optical fingerprint readers.

The report further reveals that despite the new feature the Xiaomi 15 series will retain the straight-curved dual-size strategy of the Xiaomi 13 and 14 series. The standard version still uses a small straight-screen design. However, the high-end models will stick with the curved-screen design. There are also reports that the small-screen version of this series is testing Goodix’s single-point ultrasonic fingerprint solution. Here is what Goodix had to say about its solution

“An ultrasonic fingerprint solution with independent intellectual property rights provides a smoother and ultimate unlocking experience. Goodix’s IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR™ leads the evolution of bezel-less design. It is the best-selling in-display optical fingerprint solution at present.”

Enquiries on Goodix’s official website reveal that the company has released the GUM5228 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. This is used for under-screen fingerprint recognition on flexible AMOLED screens. The recognition area is 5mm x 5mm and uses SPI interface communication. Goodix claims that this ultrasonic fingerprint solution is based on the CMOS Sensor architecture and “has a higher signal-to-noise ratio” and the module thickness is 0.17mm.

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Advantages of Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanners

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners can detect blood flow and heart pulses, making them more difficult to spoof with an image or dummy. They can be used to monitor heart rate, BMI, and blood sugar levels, saving additional components and reducing the risk of screen burn-in.

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Xiaomi 15 Series Specifications

From the available reports so far, the Xiaomi 15 series seems to be heading in a positive direction. The potential performance boost powered by the next-generation chipset is an appealing prospect for mobile tech fans. According to @DCS, this device will enter mass production in September. This means that its October product launch date may be earlier than the Xiaomi Mi 14 series. However, we can not take away the possibility of a potential November-December launch window. Possibly mirroring the release schedule of the Xiaomi 14 series.

Details about the Xiaomi 15 remain understandably scarce at this early stage. We can expect both the 15 and 15 Pro to boast the aforementioned Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip. The standard Xiaomi 15 is likely to retain its 6.36-inch screen size. However, the Pro variant might flaunt a subtly curved display with impressively thin 0.6mm bezels. This is a significant reduction from the Xiaomi 14 Pro’s 0.9mm bezels. Also, the Pro model’s display will offer a peak brightness of 1,400 nits according to official reports. And a variable refresh rate ranging from 1Hz to 120Hz, potentially leading to a 15-20% battery life improvement.

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While the rest of the Xiaomi 15 series’ specifications remain shrouded in mystery, the early reports paint a captivating picture of a potentially powerful and swiftly approaching flagship lineup. As more information surfaces, we can expect the talks surrounding the Xiaomi 15 to intensify. Culminating in a potentially big launch later this year.


In conclusion, the upcoming Xiaomi 15 series appears to be a highly anticipated addition to the smartphone market, boasting innovative features and cutting-edge technology. The reported inclusion of a unique single-point ultrasonic fingerprint feature, coupled with the potential performance boost from the next-generation chipset, underscores Xiaomi’s commitment to delivering top-tier mobile experiences to consumers.

The transition to ultrasonic fingerprint scanners signifies a significant advancement in security and user authentication. The brand can now offer better accuracy and resistance to spoofing compared to traditional optical scanners. With the incorporation of this technology, along with other rumoured specifications such as improved display quality and battery efficiency, the Xiaomi 15 series holds the promise of delivering an exceptional user experience.

While specific details about the Xiaomi 15 series remain limited, early reports hint at an impressive lineup of devices set to rival other flagship offerings in the market. As anticipation builds and more information surfaces, tech enthusiasts can look forward to the unveiling of the Xiaomi 15 series. This device should make a significant impact in the smartphone landscape upon its release later this year.

The Xiaomi 15 series will bring groundbreaking technology with the inclusion of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset. The single-point ultrasonic fingerprint feature is a significant upgrade from traditional optical fingerprint scanners. It offers better security and reliability, especially in adverse environmental conditions.

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