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Huawei P70

Since the ban on Huawei by the U.S. and other U.S. allies, the progress of the Huawei mobile phone series has been of interest to both fans and non-fans alike. The Huawei P70 series is anticipated as one of the most advanced smartphones of 2024. After a recent leak of its camera design, it sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts. However, there is now a report that this device will not arrive as early as we would expect. Popular and authoritative Chinese tech blogger @DigitalChatStation (@DCS) has recently posted on his Weibo handle that the launch of the Huawei P70 series has been postponed. The tech blogger broke the news today that Huawei is working hard to launch this device. However, it will no longer happen in March. Previous reports regarding the launch date of this series showed that this device will arrive in late March.”

The post on Weibo reads

“Huawei P70 series has indeed been postponed. The core competitiveness of this generation is quite strong. As mentioned before, the configuration of the engineering model is quite good. The relatively small size of 2.5D 1.5K + 50MP super large sensor + periscope + wireless charging + Beidou satellite communication is the main feature of the top model. There are still breakthroughs in telephoto modules and satellite communication technology​​​.”

Please note that due to translation inconsistencies, some of the words in the quote have been corrected by the editor. 

The blogger revealed that the Huawei P70 standard version is equipped with a “relatively small size” 2.5D 1.5K display. This model also comes with a 50MP main camera as well as a periscope lens. The entire series will support wireless charging and Beidou satellite communication. Despite the shift in the launch date, this series will still launch with some innovative features. 

Huawei P70 series previous reports

@DCS has previously revealed that Huawei’s P70 series mobile phones are tentatively scheduled to be released in late March. He also claims that this series will use a new main camera telephoto image, new satellite communication technology, and a new appearance design.

The available information on the Huawei P70 series so far is as follows

  • Chip: Kirin 9xxx, the chip frequency of the standard version and the top model is slightly different
  • Screen: 6.58-inch or so 2.5D 1.5K LTPO / 6.8-inch or so 2.5D 1.5K LTPO, using equal-depth four-micro-curve design
  • Camera: OV50H physical variable aperture / IMX989 physical variable aperture, 50MP ultra-wide angle, 50MP 4x periscope telephoto lens
  • Features: New satellite communication technology, new appearance design

For reference, Huawei equipped the Mate60 series with the Kirin 9000S processor last year. The CPU part of this processor is 8 cores and 12 threads. This includes 1 2.62GHz core, 3 2.15GHz cores and 4 1.53GHz cores. The GPU model is the self-developed Maleoon 910. The Huawei P60 Art mobile phone, unveiled at Huawei’s spring flagship conference in March last year, uses the same “island lens module design” and is priced at 8,988 yuan ($1,248). Thus, with these known specs of its predecessor, we can expect the Huawei P70 to upgrade. Also, the device will be likely more expensive than its predecessor.

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Huawei P70 Series

Possible reasons for postponing the launch date

The possible reasons for the postponement of the Huawei P70 series launch could include:

1. Technical difficulties: The delay could be due to unforeseen technical issues that require more time to resolve before the launch.

2. Production delays: The manufacturing process for the P70 series could be experiencing delays, which could push back the launch date.

3. Marketing and promotion: The company may need more time to prepare marketing campaigns and promotional materials for the launch.

4. Regulatory approvals: The launch could be delayed due to the need for regulatory approvals in various markets where the phone will be sold.

5. Supply chain disruptions: The global supply chain could be experiencing disruptions that affect the production and delivery of components for the P70 series, leading to a delay in the launch.

6. Economic factors: Economic conditions in the markets where the phone will be sold could be affecting the launch, such as currency fluctuations or economic downturns.

7. Competitor activity: The company may be delaying the launch to avoid direct competition with other major smartphone releases.

8. Strategic reasons: The company may be delaying the launch for strategic reasons, such as to build more hype around the phone or to align the launch with a major event or milestone.

Huawei P70


In conclusion, the postponement of the Huawei P70 series launch marks a significant development in the anticipation surrounding one of the most advanced smartphones of 2024. Despite the setback in the launch timeline, the series continues to generate excitement among tech enthusiasts due to its innovative features and cutting-edge technology.

The insights shared by @DigitalChatStation shed light on the key features of the Huawei P70 series, including its impressive camera capabilities, new satellite communication technology, and sleek design. While the delay may disappoint eager fans, it also underscores Huawei’s commitment to delivering a product of exceptional quality and performance.

The possible reasons for the postponement highlight the complexities involved in bringing a flagship smartphone to market, from technical challenges to regulatory approvals and supply chain disruptions. However, Huawei’s decision to prioritize excellence and ensure a seamless launch process reflects its dedication to meeting consumer expectations and maintaining its position as a leader in the mobile industry.

As anticipation continues to build, the Huawei P70 series remains poised to redefine the smartphone landscape with its advanced features and innovative technology. With its release expected shortly, the Huawei P70 series promises to captivate users and enthusiasts alike, setting new standards for excellence in mobile technology.

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