Samsung leaks new Microsoft Copilot features on its Galaxy Book4 series page

Samsung Book4

Microsoft plans to release a new Surface computer and new Copilot features for Windows 11 later this month. However, Samsung seems to be unable to wait and has now leaked some of the upcoming Copilot features. In promotional material for its Galaxy Book4 series, Samsung reveals some of the upcoming Copilot features. Images posted on Samsung’s official website confirm previous rumours about some of the features Microsoft is developing for its artificial intelligence assistant Copilot. Most of these features revolve around using natural language to complete various tasks, such as:

  • Remind me what Smith said in recent news
  • Copy the link from Smith’s message
  • Texted Shawn back “No problem!”
  • Copy Printwork’s email address
  • Find Contact Information for Printwork
  • Write a draft email to Printworks to request a quote

Microsoft Copilot features

Samsung says Copilot “can use apps, summarize text messages, and even send text messages directly from your computer.” This indicates that Copilot and Phone Link apps will be more deeply integrated on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It is important to note that these features are currently not available in stable versions of Windows 11.

Furthermore, a footnote on Samsung’s website also mentioned that the new Copilot function will be available on the “Galaxy Book4 series to be launched in the spring of 2024.” It’s unclear whether Phone Link integration will become an exclusive feature for Galaxy devices, and Microsoft has a history of providing exclusive features for Samsung devices.

The company will host a special event in the early morning of March 22, 2024, where it will showcase new Surface devices, such as Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, and announce upgrades to Copilot and Windows 11.

Microsoft Copilot on Galaxy Book4 series

Microsoft Copilot is a feature that enhances connectivity between Samsung Galaxy Book4 series laptops and smartphones, providing seamless integration and intelligent capabilities. Through Microsoft Copilot, users can access smartphone functions and information directly from their PCs without the need to open individual apps on their phones. This feature allows for tasks like finding, reading, summarizing text messages, and even creating and sending messages from the PC.

Microsoft Copilot features

Also, users can transform their smartphone into a powerful PC camera for video calls on apps like Microsoft Teams. With this, it offers high-quality visuals and flexibility in camera switching. The collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft aims to provide a more connected and efficient user experience. There are also plans to expand Copilot’s compatibility with more apps in the future.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Series

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Book4 series, comprising the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, Book4 Pro, and Book4 Pro 360. As a cutting-edge PC lineup, te series integrates advanced technology to enhance user experience. The series focuses on ultra-portability, elevated performance, and extensive connectivity to redefine the PC landscape and empower users.

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Microsoft Copilot features

Key Features and Enhancements

Intelligent Processor and Display

  • The Galaxy Book4 series features a new intelligent processor, the Intel Core Ultra 9 processor. This chip enhances productivity with faster CPU and GPU performance.
  • The laptops boast a vivid and interactive display with features like touch AMOLED screens, and WQXGA+ resolution. It also comes with a high colour volume for an immersive visual experience.
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Enhanced Connectivity and Samsung Ecosystem Integration

  • Samsung Studio, a video creation tool available across Galaxy devices, enables detailed video editing seamlessly between devices.
  • Users can benefit from improved connectivity with features like Multi Control. This helps for seamless file sharing between devices and Phone Links for transferring notifications from phone to laptop.

Security and Privacy Measures

  • The Galaxy Book4 series prioritizes data security with a new discrete Samsung Knox security chip. This chip is at the chipset level to safeguard critical system data.
  • Enhanced privacy measures are integrated into the laptops to ensure secure usage in an increasingly connected environment.

Innovative Features

  • AI-powered tools like Photo Remaster enhance photo editing capabilities by automatically optimizing images for better quality.
  • The laptops come equipped with room-filling speakers tuned by AKG for high-quality audio output and Dolby Atmos support for immersive sound experiences.

Samsung Book4


The Galaxy Book4 series will be progressively available in select markets starting with Korea in January 2024.


In conclusion, the leak from Samsung regarding the new Microsoft Copilot features offers a tantalizing glimpse into the evolving landscape of seamless integration between devices and intelligent assistants. Samsung’s promotional materials for the Galaxy Book4 series inadvertently revealed upcoming Copilot capabilities, hinting at a future where users can harness natural language commands to navigate tasks effortlessly across their PC and smartphone ecosystems.

The leaked features underscore Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing user productivity and connectivity through innovations like Copilot. By leveraging Copilot, users will potentially enjoy streamlined access to smartphone functions directly from their PCs, ranging from managing text messages to initiating actions without needing to switch devices or open individual apps.

The integration of Copilot with Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 series signifies a deeper collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung, aimed at enriching the user experience and driving productivity. The seamless interaction between PCs and smartphones promises to redefine how users engage with their digital environments, offering convenience, efficiency, and enhanced capabilities.

As the boundaries between PCs and smartphones continue to blur, Samsung’s leak sheds light on the direction of future device interactions and the pivotal role of intelligent assistants like Copilot in shaping the user experience. While specific details about Copilot’s availability and exclusivity remain unclear, the leak sets the stage for Microsoft’s upcoming event where the company is expected to unveil new Surface devices and announce further upgrades to Copilot and Windows 11, signalling an exciting chapter in the evolution of device connectivity and user interaction.

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