Samsung Galaxy Watch7 chip, Exynos W940 is 30% faster & 50% more efficient

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in semiconductor technology, has recently made significant strides in chip production by introducing its first commercial 3nm chip. The Exynos W940, built using Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor technology, marks a groundbreaking achievement in the field of silicon lithography. According to @TheGalox, the Exynos W940 chip, a 3nm processor will power the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7. In addition, his tweet also claims that this chip is 30% faster in performance and 50% more efficient than the previous generation. However, it is important to note that there is no official confirmation from Samsung about the performance of this chip.

Samsung Galaxy Watch7 chip, Exynos W940

The Exynos W940 chip is based on the new Exynos 5535 (this is its internal model, not the market model) and will be Samsung’s first commercial 3-nanometer chip. If the rumours are true, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series to improve in performance, provide a superior interactive experience, and significantly extend battery life. Samsung plans to launch Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Classic in July 2024. At the Unpacked event, the company will also launch other products such as sixth-generation foldable models, Galaxy Z Fold6, Galaxy Z Flip6 and Galaxy Ring.

Exynos W940: A Game-Changer in Chip Design

Semiconductor technology has been rapidly advancing, with manufacturers striving to shrink circuitry elements to enhance speed and efficiency. Samsung’s journey from 7nm to 3nm chips represents a significant leap in miniaturization. The transition to GAA technology allows Samsung to push the boundaries of chip design, promising improved performance and reduced power consumption.

The Exynos W940 stands out as Samsung’s flagship 3nm chip, designed to deliver exceptional performance across various applications. Leveraging GAA transistor technology, this chip offers a 30% speed boost compared to its predecessors. The innovative design of the Exynos W940 incorporates nanosheets with wider channels, enabling higher performance and energy efficiency.

Key Features of the Exynos W940

1. Gate-All-Around Transistor Technology: The use of GAA architecture in the Exynos W940 enhances power efficiency by reducing supply voltage levels and increasing drive current capability.

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2. Performance Improvements: Compared to Samsung’s 5nm process, the Exynos W940 demonstrates a remarkable 23% increase in performance while reducing power consumption by up to 45%.

3. Design Flexibility: GAA technology offers enhanced design flexibility through Design Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO), optimizing Power, Performance, and Area (PPA) benefits.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Implications for the Tech Industry

Samsung’s successful production of the Exynos W940 sets a new standard in semiconductor manufacturing. The adoption of 3nm chips with GAA architecture paves the way for more advanced computing applications, particularly in high-performance computing and mobile processors. This technological breakthrough not only propels Samsung ahead in the semiconductor market but also stimulates innovation across the industry.

Future Prospects: Towards 2nm and Beyond

Looking ahead, Samsung is poised to continue its technological evolution beyond 3nm. With advancements in GAA technology, Samsung foresees further miniaturization down to 2nm and potentially even smaller dimensions. The company’s commitment to ongoing innovation underscores its dedication to pushing the boundaries of semiconductor design.


Samsung Electronics has made remarkable advancements in semiconductor technology with the introduction of the Exynos W940, a groundbreaking 3nm chip utilizing Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor technology. This chip, 30% faster and 50% more efficient than its predecessor, is set to power the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, promising improved performance and extended battery life. Samsung’s transition to 3nm chips signifies a significant leap in miniaturization, enhancing speed and efficiency.

The Exynos W940’s key features include GAA architecture for enhanced power efficiency, substantial performance improvements, and design flexibility. This achievement not only positions Samsung as a leader in semiconductor manufacturing but also drives innovation in the tech industry. With plans to push boundaries further towards 2nm and beyond, Samsung’s commitment to ongoing innovation ensures continued advancements in semiconductor design and computing applications.

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