Global mobile phone sales revenue drops by $36 billion in two years

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The smartphone market has experienced a notable decline in sales over the past two years, painting a challenging landscape for phone manufacturers worldwide. According to, global mobile phone sales revenue plummeted by $36 billion during this period, reflecting the industry’s struggle with economic and industry-related challenges. Edith Reads, a financial analyst at Stocklytics, said that the fall in 2023 represents the lowest full-year volume in a decade. The drop in the global mobile phone sales revenue was mostly due to macroeconomic issues and high inventory levels early in the year. Despite these issues, the global mobile phone market is showing signs of revival. Edith Reads, said:

The decline in 2023 marked the lowest full-year volume in a decade, primarily driven by macroeconomic challenges and elevated inventory early in the year. While the global smartphone market remains challenged, momentum is moving quickly toward recovery.

Stocklytics’s financial analyst, Edith Reads

Renowned market research firm, Statista, also released its data for the mobile phone market revenue between 2011 and 2023. Its report reveals that the global mobile phone market hit its highest-ever revenue of $448.08 billion in 2021. As of 2023, this figure fell to $411.89 billion. The drop is about $36.19 billion.

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Rise of Premium Smartphones Amid Overall Sales Decline

While overall smartphone sales have seen a reduction, the market for premium smartphones priced at $600 and above has witnessed growth. These premium devices accounted for over 20% of the market’s shipments for the first time. This trend aligns closely with Apple’s strong performance in 2023, as some of its devices fall into this premium category.

The changing consumer behaviour indicates a willingness to pay a premium for high-quality devices with advanced features and specifications. Moreover, the refurbished phone market has also seen a 16% year-on-year increase, showcasing a growing preference among consumers for used devices at lower prices.

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Battle for 2023

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung for dominance in the smartphone industry has been ongoing for the past decade. Apple, known for setting trends with its iPhone series, and Samsung, offering a diverse range of devices tailored to different market segments, have engaged in fierce competition for market supremacy.

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In a significant turn of events in 2023, Apple surpassed Samsung in smartphone sales for the first time since 2010. The iPhone series outshone the Samsung Galaxy as the best-selling smartphone globally, marking a pivotal shift in the competitive landscape of the industry. Apple’s iPhone accounted for a substantial portion of the smartphone market last year, with approximately 235 million units shipped.

Apple Vs Samsung

Future Outlook: Adapting to Evolving Customer Demands

As phone technology continues to advance, and new features are introduced, the ability of companies to adapt to meet evolving customer demands will be crucial. Observing how industry giants like Apple and Samsung navigate this dynamic landscape and innovate to cater to changing consumer preferences will be a key area of interest in the smartphone market moving forward.


The global smartphone market has experienced a decline in sales over the past years, attributed to economic challenges and changing consumer behaviours. Despite these obstacles, there are indications of recovery, notably seen in the rise of premium smartphones and the increasing demand for refurbished devices. Apple’s recent dominance over Samsung in sales underscores the competitive nature of the industry. Moving forward, companies must focus on innovation to meet evolving customer preferences and technological advancements to succeed in this dynamic market landscape.

As the smartphone market evolves, adapting to changing consumer demands and technological advancements will be crucial for industry players like Apple and Samsung. The shift towards premium devices and the growing market for refurbished phones reflect a changing consumer mindset towards quality and value. Observing how companies respond to these trends will be essential in shaping the future of the smartphone market, emphasizing the need for continuous innovation and customer-centric strategies to stay competitive in this rapidly changing industry.

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