QIDI Tech Q1 Pro 3D printer just launched today with impressive specs

Q1 Pro
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The 3D printer certainly has no shortage of interesting models and today we can add another to the growing list. Because QIDI Tech have just launched their Q1 Pro model with a great looking set specs. The company has been in the market since 2014 so they are quite the experts in the field after all. And the new model is not going impress with just the features, but also with a very competitive pricing. So let’s take a closer look at this interesting newcomer.

What stands out with QIDI Q1 Pro immediately is the presence of the active chamber heating feature. It prevents warping during the print and is usually present only in 3D printers in way higher price range. And here we have it with the same functionality as the Max 3 model from the same company, but this time in a desktop-level 3D printer. It is also ready to print out of the box right away, so this should be a very beginner friendly model without the need for complex assembly. Plus with fully automatic levelling with dual sensors and dual Z-axis professional motor drive you can achieve very advanced stabilization and high precision printing.

Q1 Pro

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QIDI Q1 Pro also bring new generation of the extruder with dual metal nozzle, capable of reaching temps up to 350°C. And with total feed inspection system you can easily monitor potential issues like filament running out or its improper wrapping. Maximum build size for the printer is 245 x 245 x 245 mm and the printing speed can run up to impressive 600 mm/s. There is also a handy 1080p internal camera for monitoring the print status, capable of the time-lapse photography as well. We are also getting a full range filament support so you can use literally almost all of the main ones.

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But that is of course only scratching the surface of all the specs and features of QIDI Q1 Pro. So you should certainly rather take a look at their official website for a more detailed information. And how about the pricing ? Well, as mentioned before it is really kept quite competitive. It is now available for €469 with multiple regional warehouse shipping options. If you are a 3D printing enthusiast, then you should give it a look.

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