Samsung gives an official response on the Galaxy S24 Stylus “burning smell”

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The recent reports of a peculiar burning smell emanating from the S Pen of the Galaxy S24 Ultra have sparked concerns among users. This issue has led to a wave of users across various Galaxy S and Note series phones checking their stylus pens for similar odours. The discovery of this burnt plastic-like smell has raised questions about the quality and safety of the S Pen.

Galaxy S24 Stylus "burning smell" Galaxy S24 Stylus "burning smell"


User concerns and observations

Some users have been facing the burning smell issue with the Galaxy Stylus. They describe the smell as strong and reminiscent of burnt plastic. For this reason, some users were worried that something may be wrong with their device or perhaps, the internal components are burning. The odour has been noted not only in the Galaxy S24 Ultra but also in previous Ultra models, indicating a recurring problem with the S Pen’s odour. Some users have expressed worries about potential damage to the stylus due to this smell.

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Samsung’s official response to the Galaxy S24 stylus “burning smell”

In response to these concerns, a moderator from the Samsung European Community Forum has clarified that the proximity of the S Pen to internal phone components can lead to a slight heating of the plastic casing, causing it to emit a burnt-like smell. This explanation aims to reassure users that while the odour may be unpleasant, it does not indicate any performance or longevity issues with the S Pen. Samsung’s official stance is that this situation is normal and does not pose a threat to the stylus’s functionality.

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The company’s acknowledgement of this issue provides valuable insight into the nature of the problem. It also offers reassurance to users who were not comfortable with the unusual smell coming from their S Pens. By addressing user concerns and providing an explanation for the burnt plastic odour, Samsung aims to maintain transparency and alleviate any fears regarding the quality and safety of its stylus pens.

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In conclusion, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S Pen may have an unpleasant burning smell, Samsung’s official response clarifies that this is a common occurrence due to the interaction between the stylus and internal phone components. Users have assurance that despite the odour, their S Pens are still in good condition in terms of performance or durability. This clarification from Samsung serves to inform users and dispel any misconceptions surrounding the peculiar smell associated with their flagship device’s stylus pen.

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