Save $150 on the powerful Mecpow X5 Pro 33W laser engraver

Mecpow X5 Pro
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Laser engraver machines are currently booming on the market and every dedicated hobbyist is getting one. There are many interesting models out there and today we can add one to the potential list. The team at Mecpow brand are certainly the experts in the field and we have for example tested their X3 model in our detailed review. But you can get its more powerful sibling with a nice discount on Amazon right now. And the Mecpow X5 Pro is worth the attention.

For starters the Mecpow X5 Pro is packing a powerful 33W laser power with pinpoint 0.08mm high precision thanks to the compressed beam. The maximum speed is another high point, because it can reach up to 28.000 mm/min. And such powerful laser of course also doesn’t have problems with cutting. One-pass can handle for example 15mm of balsa wood, 12mm of acrylic or 0.1mm of stainless steel. New 32-bit motherboard helps immensely as well, you can easily add color to your creative work with it.

Mecpow X5 Pro

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Mecpow X5 Pro is also directly equipped with an integrated air assist for even smoother and cleaner operation. Advanced safety features are a given as well,  the machine features 5 layers of base protections alongside some extra ones. Assembling the laser engraver should be a breeze and users will have plenty of space to work with, thanks to the big 600x600mm engraving area. And we can’t forget to mention the wide compatibility with the cream of the crop of engraving software options. From LightBurn to LaserGRBL and further.

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The current promo offer is available directly through Amazon and should be running until April 15th. Using the discount coupon MECX5PROB2 you can shave off full $50 off the retail price. There is also an additional $100 discount coupon on Amazon. Mecpow X5 Pro looks like a very promising home laser engraver and would be a shame to miss out on it.

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