Longer Nano Engraver: Surpassing Competitors, Setting a New Speed Benchmark

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Engraving speed directly affects work efficiency and production cycle, so it is one of the crucial considerations when choosing a laser engraving machine. High engraving speed means the machine can complete engraving tasks faster, thus significantly improving production efficiency. The engraving speed of a laser engraving machine is affected by many factors, including laser power, type and thickness of engraving material, engraving depth, etc. Typically, higher laser power and thinner materials result in faster engraving speeds. For example, engraving the same material using a higher-power laser can be completed faster because it can vaporize or lift off the material faster. However, keep note that while pursuing speed, it is also necessary to ensure that the quality and accuracy of engraving are not affected. Therefore, when choosing a laser engraving machine, you need to comprehensively consider factors such as engraving speed, quality and cost. 


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In today’s digital manufacturing field, engraving speed is one of the key factors affecting production efficiency and product quality. Longer Nano is the world’s first 12W portable laser engraving machine. It is also an extremely high-performance machine that combines protable laser engraving and cutting functions. Nano’s engraving speed is as high as 2200mm/s. Nano takes only 15 minutes to engrave the same item as others, while others takes 3 hours. In contrast, Nano’s engraving speed is about 10 times faster than others. Additionally, Nano’s price is less than three times that of similar products, Nano is available for only $499 on Kickstarter. You can find more about it right here.

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And how it fares against the close competitors ?

Compared with other competitors, Nano’s engraving quality is more stable and will not decrease as speed increases. With its high engraving speed and precision, Nano offers superior efficiency that translates into faster turnaround times and higher productivity. Finally, despite its speed, the Nano maintains impeccable engraving quality, ensuring users can achieve professional-grade results. If the goal is to achieve optimal efficiency and top-notch production quality, Nano is undoubtedly the ultimate choice. Its nanoscale technology revolutionizes manufacturing processes, enabling unparalleled precision and efficiency. With Nano, creators can ensure that they fine-tune every aspect of production to perfection, resulting in superior results that exceed expectations. All the info is already available also on the official website.

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