Android 15 to Come with 10 Major Changes, Learn More

Google unveils a significant update to its Android operating system annually, fueling the world’s most prevalent smartphones from top-tier brands. Anticipated for release alongside fresh hardware at Google I/O 2024 on May 14, the latest installment, Android 15, is poised to introduce an array of innovative features, many leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI). Here’s a glimpse into ten novel features slated for inclusion in the Android 15 update:

Android 15: New Name, New Logo Android 15

The upcoming major Android OS release will be dubbed Android 15, continuing the tradition of naming Android versions after desserts. Internally known as Vanilla Ice Cream, Android 15 will feature a new logo inspired by space and rockets, reminiscent of the Android 14 logo. The initial stable version of Android 15 is expected to roll out for select Pixel smartphones in the latter half of 2024.

Android 15 will Introduce Satellite Connectivity

With the introduction of Android 15, Google is set to natively integrate satellite connectivity into the operating system. This integration will simplify the process for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to incorporate satellite connectivity into smartphones equipped with compatible hardware. This move also suggests that upcoming Pixel smartphones may support satellite connectivity, following a similar trend seen in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series.

Android 15 Web Cam

Android 15

In Android 15, users will have the capability to utilize their smartphones as high-quality web cameras when paired with a Windows 11 PC. While Google previously enabled the use of Pixel smartphones running on Android 14 as web cameras, users encountered issues with low image quality. With the release of Android 15, Google aims to resolve this concern and enhance the image quality for a better user experience.

Foldable Screen Optimization

Android 15 will feature enhanced optimization to support foldable devices, including improved continuity. Apps will maintain their status on the cover display even when the user closes the primary screen. Moreover, Android 15 will introduce a new taskbar, tailored for large-screen foldables, akin to the one found on the Galaxy Z Fold5.

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Android 15 New Camera Controls

Android 15 will introduce new camera control options, empowering developers to integrate additional manual camera features. These features include boosting the brightness of the camera preview, controlling flash strengths, and enhancing low-light capabilities to improve picture-taking performance, particularly in low-light environments.

Screen Sharing

Android 15 will introduce the capability to share specific portions of the screen, such as individual apps or windows, during screen sharing sessions. This feature enhances privacy and security by limiting access to only the designated content, ensuring that virtual viewers can only interact with the visible window or application on the Android smartphone.

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Android 15 Notifications Enhancements Android 15

Android 15 will introduce an intelligent notification management feature. This will automatically lowers the volume of successive notifications from specific apps without requiring manual intervention. This feature aims to reduce notification overload and provide a more seamless user experience.

Smart Notifications

Android 15 will feature improved message handling capabilities. It will allow the system to distinguish between regular messages and messages containing one-time passwords (OTPs). With this enhancement, confidential details such as OTPs will automatically hide from other apps. It will bolster privacy and security by preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Volume Control Enhancements

Android 15 brings a redesigned volume control panel, offering a sleeker interface and enhanced functionality. This feature may not be available on smartphones with third-party skins like OneUI and OxygenOS. However, devices running stock Android 15 will benefit from the new control panel. Users will enjoy granular volume control options and the ability to set volume levels on a per-app basis.

New Bluetooth Improvements

Android 15 introduces a convenient feature for users with multiple Bluetooth devices. Long-pressing the Bluetooth quick toggle will now open a Bluetooth dialogue box. This dialogue box will display recently paired or connected devices. Therefore, allowing users to easily switch between them directly from the menu.

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