Fairphone Fairbuds Might Just Be Your Last Pair of Earbuds

Fairphone Fairbuds

Fairphone Fairbuds has just launched, and it’s all about being easy to repair. But that’s a given, considering how repair-friendly all the other devices from the brand are. If this is your first time hearing about the company, Fairphone is a smartphone manufacturer based in the Netherlands.

The company specializes in manufacturing modular phones. However, that doesn’t restrict the brand from branching. As a matter of fact, Fairphone has already launched the Fairbuds XL, which is a modular pair of headphones. Now, we have new wireless earbuds, and they may just be the most interesting buds on the market right now.

Fairphone Fairbuds: It’s All About Being Fair

Batteries inside wireless earbuds eventually die out. But instead of throwing the buds away, Fairphone Fairbuds wants you to replace the batteries inside the buds. And it’s not just about the buds; you can even replace the battery of the charging case. This extends the lifespan of the product by a lot, reducing electronic waste.

It’s not only about replacing the batteries either. You can repair or exchange other components. That includes the left or right earbud, the silicone ring, earbud tips, the charging case outer shell, and the charging case core. So, you can use the Fairbuds unless you really want to replace them.

Charging case battery replacement

The modular design also allows easy and affordable fixes. This is not something that you can say for traditional earbuds, where a minor malfunction often means replacing the entire unit. The new Fairphone Faribuds come with a standard two-year warranty too. You even get an option to extend it for an extra year through online registration.

But How Good Are the Earbuds?

For everyday use, the Fairbuds offer features comparable to other wireless earbuds on the market. They feature volume and playback touch controls. With up to six hours of battery life without the case or 20 hours with it, you get reliable runtime as well.

Sound driver of Fairbuds

Besides, the Fairbuds boast 11 mm titanium-coated drivers. This allows the buds to deliver rich sound. There’s active noise cancellation for immersive listening experiences. For those who like to exercise with the buds on, there’s IP54 sweat and water resistance. And dual-point connectivity allows seamless switching between devices.

Fairbuds wireless earbuds

Moreover, you get environmental noise cancellation for clearer phone calls. There’s a dedicated Fairbuds app as well. You can use it to adjust your sound settings according to your preference.

While offering similar functionalities, the Fairbuds address a major pain point with wireless earbuds. And that would be their inherent lack of repairability. Millions of earbuds from Apple, Samsung, JBL, and other companies end up in landfills every year. It’s simply because replacing a malfunctioning battery or a broken component is often impractical or even impossible.

Fairbuds earbuds

Pricing and Availability of Fairphone Fairbuds

The Fairbuds are currently only available in Europe for €149 (about $162) and come in white and black. The good part is that Fairphone has recently announced its plan to expand into more markets. That means you could soon see the new earbuds in a store near you.

Overall, the Fairbuds are a significant step forward in sustainable audio. Yes, this isn’t Fairphone’s first foray into earbuds. But it’s their most repairable offering yet. In 2021, they launched the Fairbuds True Wireless Stereo Earbuds, which were made with recycled plastic. They didn’t offer much repairability. But with the new wireless earbuds, the company has just upped its game.

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