Samsung Galaxy AI: Breaking Language Barriers by Adding More Languages

Samsung Galaxy AI Launch

Samsung Electronics recently announced a significant expansion in the language support of its Galaxy AI. The company announced that the Galaxy AI will soon support more languages. The new languages include Arabic, Indonesian, Russian, Australian English, Cantonese and Canadian French. The official launch of these new languages will take place in April. Users can download and use the languages in the form of language packs. In addition to the aforementioned languages, Samsung plans to further expand supported languages ​​later this year. We can expect languages like Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and European Portuguese.

Samsung Galaxy AI

Roh Tae-moon, the president of Samsung Electronics’ mobile communications division, emphasized the company’s commitment to democratizing mobile AI. It also hopes to provide users with the tools to unleash their potential through seamless communication experiences. This move aims to make the innovative communication capabilities of Galaxy AI accessible to a more diverse global audience. It would enhance user experiences and break down language barriers.

Language Expansion and User Accessibility

The upcoming language expansion of Galaxy AI signifies Samsung’s dedication to inclusivity and user-centric innovation. By introducing a wide array of new languages, Samsung is poised to empower users worldwide to engage in seamless communication, whether it’s making travel bookings, conversing with loved ones, or conducting business across borders.

The enriched language support in Galaxy AI brings forth a host of new features. From instant translation of calls to real-time message translation assistants, Galaxy AI offers a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate smooth and effective communication across languages. The translation assistant, speech-to-text intelligent assistant, and note-taking intelligent assistant further streamline daily tasks, enabling users to work efficiently and effortlessly in a multilingual environment.

Samsung Galaxy AI

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Galaxy AI features:

  • Instant translation of calls: Instant two-way translation of phone calls and conversation content. This includes voice and text. Whether it is booking services while travelling or chatting in the native language of grandparents, it can be easily done.
  • Translation Assistant: Display real-time translation in a user-friendly split window. This makes it easier for both parties to read the translation face-to-face.
  • Message real-time translation assistant: Generates relevant suggestions through context and helps improve conversational style. It also makes the content of speech polite and appropriate and ensures that the interpretation result is as intended.
  • Note-taking intelligent assistant: Can automatically generate abstracts, create layout templates, and create covers to improve daily work efficiency.
  • Speech-to-text intelligent assistant: Use AI and speech-to-text technology to transcribe, summarize and even translate recordings.
  • Web Browsing Assistant: It can convert news reports or web content into concise summaries to help you grasp the pulse of current affairs and save valuable time.

Innovative AI Features for Seamless User Experience

Samsung’s Galaxy AI is not just about language translation; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to enhance user productivity and creativity. The web browsing assistant, for instance, transforms lengthy web content into concise summaries, allowing users to stay informed and save time. The speech-to-text intelligent assistant leverages AI technology to transcribe, summarize, and even translate recordings, catering to diverse user needs and preferences. These innovative features underscore Samsung’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions that enrich the user experience.

Live Translate with Galaxy AI

Future Prospects and Continuous Innovation

Looking ahead, Samsung remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mobile AI and expanding the horizons of user interaction. The company’s plans to further broaden language support later this year demonstrate a forward-looking approach to innovation and user empowerment. By continuously evolving and enhancing Galaxy AI, Samsung aims to provide users with unparalleled mobile experiences that transcend linguistic barriers and foster seamless communication on a global scale.


In conclusion, Samsung’s Galaxy AI stands at the forefront of mobile innovation, poised to revolutionize the way users communicate and interact across languages. With an extensive language expansion on the horizon and a robust suite of AI features, Samsung is paving the way for a more connected and inclusive digital future. As the tech giant continues to break new ground in mobile AI, users can look forward to a world where language is no longer a barrier but a bridge to enhanced communication and collaboration.

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