Android 15 will allow users to view their phones hardware life

Android 15 Beta 1

Google is preparing a new feature for Android 15 that will allow users to view the lifespan of their hardware, such as internal storage (ROM) chips. Android Authority discovered the development of this feature. This feature is a part of Google’s ongoing efforts to address hardware lifespan issues. Recall that the company had previously added battery health-related information to Android 14 last year. However, it was later removed in the Android 14 QPR2 update in March of this year. This shows that Google has been paying attention to hardware lifespan issues for quite some time.

Android 15

Importance of Hardware Lifespan

As major smartphone OEMs have started to provide updated maintenance policies for more than three years, factors such as after-sales service, parts replaceability, and the ability to self-repair have become more important for users when purchasing a new phone. With the new feature in Android 15, users will be able to monitor the lifespan of their hardware. This will help users make informed decisions about when to replace or repair their devices.

Device Diagnostics Application

The new API in Android 15 will allow the “Device Diagnostics” application to retrieve the remaining life of the memory chip and display it as an integer percentage. Currently, this API has been enabled in the latest Android 15 beta 1 version. However, not all devices support displaying the remaining life of the memory chip. The device needs to be able to collect the corresponding information through the Health HAL and allow the Android system to read it. The function of the API itself is just to display the remaining life of the memory chip. Android has collected information that is available to (system) applications.

Android 15

On devices that do not support this feature, the API will return -1 (indicating that the feature is not available). However, if the API returns 90, it means that the memory chip has 90% of its life left.

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Google’s Commitment to User-Friendly Features

Google has merged the relevant code submitted to AOSP into the internal code base. This is also the code base that Google will use to compile its Android 15 version. The initial patch description implementing this new API states that it is only slightly different from the previous API used for idle maintenance. This indicates Google’s commitment to providing user-friendly features. The patch also mentions that the value is “intended to be displayed to the user,”. But only certain devices, such as the Google Pixel series, can display remaining life with 1% accuracy. The other devices do so at less than 10% accuracy.

While Google will not force OEM manufacturers to adapt to this API, users can consider third-party repair options or mobile phone insurance to protect their devices against loss or damage. With dedicated mobile phone insurance, users are covered for repair and replacement costs if their phone is lost, stolen, or damaged. If users have content insurance, it might already cover them for damage to a mobile phone. However, they have to check the policy very carefully and speak to their insurer if in any doubt.

Computer Maintenance

Computer maintenance is also crucial for extending the lifespan of devices. Regular cleanings, hard drive updates, and virus prevention can help keep computers and laptops in good condition. These can extend their lifespan and improve web browsing safety.


Google’s new feature in Android 15 will allow users to view the lifespan of their hardware. This will give more information to make informed decisions about their devices. By combining this feature with third-party repair options and mobile phone insurance, users can ensure that their devices are protected against loss or damage. Additionally, by following best practices for extending the lifespan of their devices, users can enjoy their smartphones for as long as possible.

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