Unveiling the Top Five Upcoming Features of Windows 11

New Windows 11 Features

Microsoft has already released one feature update for Windows 11 this year, known as the “Moment 5” update. However, this update was relatively minor, introducing only a few notable changes and new features. Looking ahead, Version 24H2, slated for release in the second half of 2024, promises to be much more significant. This upcoming version is expected to deliver a host of new features and improvements, offering users a richer and more refined experience with Windows 11.

The full list of new features for Windows 11 version 24H2 isn’t ready yet, but we already know about several exciting changes that are coming to the operating system. Here are five cool features (some of them will be available before version 24H2).

Windows 11 Users can be Able to Use their Smartphones as Webcam

New Windows 11 Features
Image Credit: Neowin

Soon, Windows 11 will allow you to use your Android smartphone as a wireless webcam. Today’s smartphones have excellent cameras that are often better than even the priciest webcams. Upcoming updates to Windows will let you use the various cameras on your smartphone for video calls on your PC. You’ll also be able to add extra effects like HDR and more.

Microsoft is working to make this feature as easy to use as possible. Windows 11 will have a special menu that shows all the controls and additional details like the connection status and the battery level of your smartphone. Right now, any Windows Insider who has the Link to Windows app version 1.24012 or newer can use their Android smartphones as webcams with Windows 11 PCs.

Copilot to Deeply Integrate with Windows 11

The Copilot feature in Windows still seems like an added extra with only a few truly useful features for Windows. Fortunately, Microsoft is working to make this new AI assistant better at working with your computer’s hardware. Soon, you will be able to ask Copilot to search for Wi-Fi networks, display device information, check the battery level, turn on battery saver, clear up some storage, take a screenshot, use accessibility features, and do more.

While it might not seem very impressive at first glance, these improvements could actually make using a Windows PC much simpler for people who aren’t as familiar with technology.

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Windows 11 QR Code Generator

New Windows 11 Features
Image credit: Neowin

This update might seem small, but these little things often make an operating system more convenient to use. One of the upcoming Windows updates will let you create QR codes when sharing links. This will make it much easier to move websites from your PC to your phone. You won’t have to email links to yourself or wait for Microsoft Edge to sync your history anymore.

Windows 11 Energy Saver

Microsoft is planning to extend the current energy saver feature to include more devices, such as desktop computers, which usually don’t use rechargeable batteries. The enhanced energy saver will allow you to exchange some performance for better battery life and help you cut down on energy use, either when your battery reaches a certain level or even when your device is plugged in.

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When you turn on the energy saver from the Settings app or the Quick Settings menu, a new leaf icon will appear in the notification area. This icon tells you that your system is running at a lower performance level to save energy.

New Lockscreen Widgets for Windows 11

New Windows 11 Features
Image credit: Neowin

The Lock screen on Windows 11 is going to display more useful information soon. Right now, you can add a weather widget, and future updates will include options for stocks, traffic, sports scores, and more. These widgets will be optional, so you can choose to keep a simple and clean lock screen on your Windows 11 PC if you prefer.

It is also worth noting that these new widgets will also be available on Windows 10.

A Wi-Fi Refresh Button for Windows 11

New Windows 11 Features
Image credit: NeoWin

The network settings will finally get a dedicated refresh button, allowing you to rescan for available networks if you can’t find the one you need. It’s unclear why it took Microsoft so long to implement this small feature, but I guess it’s better late than never.


Those are just six cool features that will soon be available in Windows 11. The upcoming Windows 11 version 24H2, coming later this year, will offer even more improvements. Keep an eye out for more updates in the next few months. We’ll come back to this list after the May 2024 Surface event and the Build 2024 conference, where Microsoft is expected to announce many new AI features and more.

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