TikTok Lite suspends rewards feature in Europe due to regulatory concerns

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European users of TikTok Lite will lose the opportunity to earn micro rewards every day. The short video platform launched a streamlined version of its application for the European market and landed in some countries two weeks ago. One of its features is to issue daily rewards to users. Users could earn virtual “gold coins” by engaging in various activities such as logging in, watching ads, and liking videos. These coins could then be redeemed for rewards like Amazon gift certificates or PayPal gift cards, albeit requiring significant time investment for substantial earnings. However, this feature quickly attracted the attention of European regulators. Citing the Digital Services Act, they pointed out that the reward mechanism may have an addictive effect on users, especially young people.

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Regulatory Concerns and Suspension of Rewards Feature

The European Commission, citing the Digital Services Act, expressed concerns about the potentially addictive effects of the rewards feature, particularly on children. Despite TikTok emphasizing that the feature was only accessible to users over 18, doubts were raised regarding the platform’s age verification mechanisms and their effectiveness in preventing minors from registering and using the app.

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Compliance Measures and Regulatory Cooperation

In response to the regulatory scrutiny and concerns raised by the European Commission, TikTok announced the suspension of the rewards function in Europe to cooperate with ongoing investigations. This decision underscores the platform’s commitment to addressing regulatory issues and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and guidelines aimed at safeguarding users, especially minors, from potential harm or addictive behaviours.

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Implications and Future Outlook

The suspension of the rewards feature on TikTok Lite in Europe reflects the growing focus on digital platforms’ responsibilities in protecting users, particularly vulnerable groups like children, from potential risks associated with online activities. As regulatory scrutiny intensifies, tech companies are increasingly under pressure to enhance their safeguards, age verification processes, and overall compliance with data protection and online safety regulations.


In conclusion, TikTok Lite’s decision to suspend its rewards feature in Europe due to regulatory concerns highlights the evolving landscape of digital platform governance and the importance of prioritizing user safety and well-being. As platforms like TikTok navigate regulatory challenges, ensuring transparency, robust age verification mechanisms, and proactive measures to mitigate potential risks will be crucial in fostering a safer and more responsible online environment for users of all ages.

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