Xiaomi Pad 6 series launches PC-level WPS Office

Xiaomi pad 6 series

Xiaomi has officially announced a significant update for its Mi Pad 6 series. The company has introduced PC-level WPS Office functionality to enhance productivity and office efficiency for users. This update brings a new dimension to the capabilities of the Xiaomi tablets, making them more versatile and suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Xiaomi pad 6 series

Introduction of PC-level WPS Office

The latest announcement from Xiaomi reveals that the Mi Pad 6, Mi Pad 6 Pro, Mi Pad 6 Max 14, and Mi Pad 6S Pro now fully support PC-level WPS Office. This integration allows users to experience a seamless transition to a computer-like office environment on their tablets. By upgrading to system version V816.0.4.0 and above, users of the Mi Pad 6 Pro and Mi Pad 6 can access WPS Office PC from the Xiaomi App Store.

Enhanced Office Efficiency

WPS Office PC mirrors the operation and layout of a traditional computer, providing users with a familiar interface for editing documents, forms, presentations, and other files. When paired with tablet keyboard accessories, this feature significantly improves office efficiency, enabling users to work on their tablets with the same ease and functionality as on a computer.

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ITHome’s evaluation experience highlights the efficiency of WPS Office PC when it comes to editing various types of files. Tasks such as text typesetting, picture insertion, table creation, formula input, annotation, revision, and printing, which may be cumbersome on mobile devices, can now be seamlessly executed on Xiaomi tablets. This update caters to users who require advanced document editing features on their portable devices.

Xiaomi pad 6 series

Benefits for Productivity and Work Efficiency

The introduction of PC-level WPS Office to the Xiaomi Pad 6 series signifies a strategic move by Xiaomi. This move seeks to enhance the productivity as well as work efficiency of its users. By bridging the gap between traditional office setups and mobile devices, Xiaomi is also catering to professionals, students, and individuals who rely on tablets for their daily tasks.


In conclusion, Xiaomi’s integration of PC-level WPS Office into the Mi Pad 6 series marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Xiaomi tablets. This update not only expands the functionality of the tablets but also positions them as versatile tools for a wide range of users. With a focus on enhancing office efficiency and productivity, Xiaomi continues to innovate and provide users with cutting-edge features.

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