Google RealFill AI camera will expand and repair existing images

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Google has recently filed a trademark for a new AI photography feature called “RealFill”. This technology, which has been in development with researchers from Cornell University, allows users to expand and repair existing images using up to five reference images. According to the official description, RealFill will provide “non-downloadable software using artificial intelligence (AI) for inpainting images” and “online non-downloadable software for creating generative models.” This suggests that the feature will enable users to seamlessly edit and enhance their photos, potentially filling in missing details or repairing damaged areas.

Google RealFill

Expanding Images with Reference Images

The technology behind RealFill is based on a research paper titled “Reference-Driven Generation for Authentic Image Completion,” which discusses how this AI model can use multiple reference images to expand and repair real-world scenes. By leveraging these reference images, the system can generate more accurate and authentic-looking results compared to other image completion solutions.

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Potential Capabilities and Limitations

While RealFill appears to be a promising AI-powered photography tool, it is not without its limitations. The current implementation is reportedly slower than some other image generation models, and recovering the final image from the generated scene can be challenging. Also, the technology may struggle with accurately handling text within the images.

Google RealFill

Google has a history of integrating advanced computational photography features into its Pixel smartphone lineup, such as the popular Night Sight mode. It is possible that RealFill could integrate into future Pixel devices or the Google Photos app. It will therefore allow users to easily enhance their images with this AI technology.


Google’s RealFill technology represents a significant advancement in AI-powered photography, offering users the ability to expand and repair their images more authentically and seamlessly. While the current implementation has some limitations, the potential for this feature to be integrated into Google’s ecosystem and the broader efforts to authenticate digital media suggest that RealFill could be a valuable tool for photographers and image creators alike.

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