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Android Apps

Congratulations on your new Android phone! It’s a powerful device packed with potential, but navigating the vast Google Play Store can be overwhelming. To help you unlock the full potential of your Android experience, we’ve compiled a list of 8 must-have apps that cater to a variety of needs. Whether you’re a productivity enthusiast, a social butterfly, or a photography enthusiast, these essential apps will enhance your daily interactions with your phone. From streamlining tasks and managing finances to exploring hidden creative corners and staying connected with loved ones, these apps will become your go-to companions on your Android journey. So, dive in and discover how these apps can transform your new phone into a personalized powerhouse that elevates your mobile experience!

When you first start using your new device, you’ll notice that it comes with a carefully chosen set of apps and utilities. There are no duplicate services or unnecessary additions from carriers. This setup allows you to customize your app drawer with software that you truly find useful. Fortunately, the Google Play Store offers a vast selection of high-quality apps for you to discover, download, and try out.

Below, we will discuss 8 must-have apps that will help make life easier with your new Android smartphone. It is worth noting that these apps are not in any particular order.

Backdrops Android App Android Apps

Wallpaper apps are a big hit on both Android and iPhone devices, and Pixel phones are no different. One excellent choice from the Play Store is Backdrops, which offers a vast selection of wallpaper designs. Many of these wallpapers are free, but some premium designs require an in-app purchase to download.

Saving wallpapers to your ‘Favorites’ tab in the Backdrops app is super easy, and you can quickly find useful information like resolution and file size. Like many other apps on this list, Backdrops boasts an aesthetically pleasing design along with a friendly and streamlined user interface, making it both attractive and easy to use.

In recent years, Google has enhanced the wallpaper features on its Pixel phones, introducing options like auto-generated wallpapers through artificial intelligence and an ‘Emoji Workshop’ feature. Despite these advancements, it’s safe to say that the extensive selection available on Backdrops remains unmatched.

Google Authenticator Android App Android Apps

If you aren’t using a password authenticator app yet, it’s a good idea to start. Most of your online accounts offer the option to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA). Turning this on adds an extra layer of security by requiring you to enter a code when logging in. This means that even if someone discovers or guesses your password, they won’t be able to access your account without the authentication code that’s linked specifically to it.

Some apps send authentication codes via text message, which is unencrypted and generally less secure than using a dedicated app. Google Authenticator is a more secure option, providing automatically expiring codes for all your compatible accounts. Setting it up is as easy as scanning a QR code, making it a convenient and robust choice for enhancing your online security.

There are several authentication apps available for Android, including Microsoft’s Authenticator app. However, I generally prefer using Google Authenticator because it’s developed by the creators of Android. This alignment means it integrates well with the operating system’s design language, offering a seamless and cohesive user experience.

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Snapseed Android App Android Apps

Snapseed is another app from Google, and it’s a surprisingly powerful yet lightweight photo editing tool within the Android ecosystem. It’s somewhat unexpected that Google doesn’t include Snapseed by default on Pixel phones. This decision might be linked to Google’s focus on promoting AI-driven photo editing features within Google Photos.

Snapseed sticks to the basics of photo editing without diving into the experimental AI features that some other apps may offer. However, this straightforward approach is a strength rather than a limitation. The app has consistently provided a reliable set of tools for many years. It includes a range of filters similar to those you might find on Instagram, and a convenient button for quickly rotating images in any direction. The real heart of Snapseed is in the ‘Tools’ tab, where you find a wealth of options to adjust your image. Here, you can tweak settings, crop the photo, and apply a variety of additional effects to enhance your images.

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Snapseed may not be the most advanced photo editing suite available, but it excels at being simple and convenient, particularly for use on the smaller screens of mobile phones. This makes it an excellent choice for quick, effective photo adjustments while on the go.

Link to Windows Android Apps

If you own both a Windows PC and an Android phone, you’ll definitely want to check out Microsoft’s Link to Windows app available on the Play Store. The app does exactly what its name suggests: it creates a seamless connection between your PC and your Android phone. This allows you to easily access your phoneā€™s media and various functions directly from your computer, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Specifically, when you use the Link to Windows app on your PC, you gain several convenient capabilities. You can view your phone’s photo gallery, send and receive basic text messages, answer and make phone calls, view notifications from your phone, activate the Do Not Disturb mode, and control media playback. This integration effectively extends your phone’s functionality to your PC, making it easier to manage tasks without switching devices.

Many Android devices, especially those from Samsung, OnePlus, and Oppo, come with Link to Windows pre-installed, providing seamless integration right out of the box. Google, on the other hand, tends to promote its ChromeOS laptops for a similar level of ecosystem continuity. However, if you own a Pixel phone, you can easily download the Link to Windows app from the Google Play Store and enjoy much of the same interconnected experience. This allows Pixel users to bridge their Android and Windows devices effectively, even without investing in a ChromeOS laptop.

BatteryGuru Android App Android Apps

Google is reportedly planning to enhance the visibility of battery-related information in its upcoming Android 15 release. However, until that update is available, BatteryGuru remains the top app for monitoring and managing battery health and usage. This app provides detailed insights and tools to help users maximize their device’s battery life effectively.

BatteryGuru offers an extensive array of statistics and tools related to your phone’s battery, all presented in a user-friendly format. It includes detailed information on charging and discharging patterns, battery health assessments, and alerts for battery temperature and levels. Additionally, the app provides access to graphical data, giving you a visual representation of your battery’s performance over time. These features make it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to optimize their device’s battery life and maintain its health.

Smartphone batteries are consumable items that chemically degrade over time. Monitoring the health of your phone’s battery is a wise practice, even if it’s just a quick check now and then. BatteryGuru is a great tool for this purpose. The app is free to use and offers a comprehensive overview of your battery’s status and health. For those who prefer an ad-free experience, there is a paid tier available that removes advertisements. This makes it easier to keep an eye on your battery’s performance without interruptions.

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