Android 15 Beta Unveils Early Look at the Lock Screen Widgets

Google’s Android 15 Beta 1.2 has sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts as tech enthusiasts recently exposed a new feature – the “lock screen widget.” This feature, reminiscent of Apple’s iOS system, promises a dynamic and interactive user experience, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of mobile technology. Android Authority recently dug into the system code and showed the “lock screen widget” experience on the Android 15 mobile phone. The whole thing is relatively close to the real-time activities (Live Activities) in the Apple iOS system.

Lock Screen Widgets

The Return of Lock Screen Widgets

The reintroduction of the “lock screen widget” feature in Android 15 marks a significant shift in Google’s design philosophy. Previously present in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean but removed in Android 5.0 Lollipop, the revival of this feature showcases Google’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and personalization on Android devices.

In Android 15 Beta 1.2, users can access the “lock screen widget” at the bottom of the lock screen, offering a convenient and customizable display of information. Upon unlocking the device, the widget can be seamlessly moved to the top, providing quick access to essential details such as weather forecasts, upcoming activities, and meeting schedules. Users can interact with the widget by sliding left or right, enabling a fluid and intuitive navigation experience.

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Lock Screen Widgets

Parallels with Apple’s iOS System

The demonstration of the “lock screen widget” feature in Android 15 Beta 1.2 draws parallels with Apple’s iOS system. In particular, it feels much like the Apple Live Actions feature. By incorporating real-time activities and interactive elements into the lock screen, Google aims to enhance user productivity and convenience. This will align with the evolving trends in mobile interface design.

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The introduction of lock screen widgets in Android 15 Beta 1.2 has generated anticipation and speculation within the tech community. With Apple’s successful integration of widgets in iOS 16, users have long awaited Google’s response. The unveiling of this feature in the beta version of Android 15 hints at a potential resurgence of user-centric design. Of course, we expect such a resurgence to be in the entire Android ecosystem in the future.


The emergence of lock screen widgets in Android 15 Beta 1.2 signifies a strategic move by Google. The company hopes to redefine the user experience on Android devices. By reintroducing a familiar yet innovative feature, Google aims to cater to user preferences for customization and accessibility. Users can look forward to a more dynamic and engaging interface as the beta testing progresses. The interface should bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics in the Android ecosystem.

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