Android 15 Could Make A New Bluetooth Feature Available to All

Android 15

Audio-sharing technologies aren’t a new thing.¬†If you own a Samsung phone,¬†you may have already used the Dual Audio feature.¬†Apple also has something similar for its iPhone.¬†But for others, Bluetooth streaming has been¬†pretty¬†limited, allowing you to only stream to one pair of earbuds or one wireless speaker.¬†But that’s about change with Android 15.

Google has integrated proper support for Bluetooth Auracast and Bluetooth LE on Android 15.¬†It’s available on the Beta 1.1 release, and¬†it seems like¬†the two will¬†be making their way to the stable release.¬†Once Google rolls it out, you¬†will be able to¬†stream audio from one phone to multiple audio devices.

What is Bluetooth Auracast

Auracast is a new Bluetooth feature that acts like a radio for personal audio. Imagine a device broadcasting its audio signal like a TV in a sports bar. With Auracast, anyone nearby with compatible headphones or hearing aids can tune in to that specific broadcast. This is particularly useful in crowded places with multiple audio sources, like train stations, airports, or gyms. However, with the support on Android 15, we can see more use cases.

Bluetooth Auracast

There’s also a benefit for people with hearing loss. Auracast can transmit sound directly to compatible hearing aids.¬†This¬†can bypass the background noise and offer a¬†clearer¬†listening experience. The support on Android 15 can make more people take advantage of this.

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But note that even with support for Bluetooth Auracast on Android 15, you will need a compatible audio device to enjoy it. But the good news is that the standard is seeing more and more adoptions. So, more upcoming audio accessories could be compatible with the new feature.

 More About Bluetooth Auracast on Android 15

Mishaal Rahman, a known Android expert, has tested Bluetooth Auracast on Android 15 Beta 1.1. He¬†was able to make¬†it work with Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy S24 Ultra, which meant it was not a Pixel-exclusive feature. Of course, the feature wasn’t readily available in the Beta.

Instead, Mishaal needed to do some tinkering. After that, a new Settings page became available on Android 15 Beta 1.1. The feature was on Settings > Connected Devices > Connection preferences > Audio sharing. There, Mishaal found a Share Audio feature, which you can toggle on to start streaming.

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Bluetooth Auracast on Android 15
Image source: Android Authority

When the session was active, Android 15 showed a notification¬†that had¬†buttons to access the settings or halt the stream. There’s also a media output switch. Through this menu, it’s possible to control who connects to the stream and adjust the broadcast options. There’s also an option for one-way broadcast. That allows the host to take¬†full¬†control.

Mishaal noted that there is an option to create a QR code. As you can see from the picture above, it allows users¬†to easily connect to the Auracst stream. However, at the current Beta 1.1 of Android 15, there’s a slight issue with this QR code process. Mishaal¬†wasn’t able to¬†connect Samsung devices with Pixel 8 Pro through this method.

Also, Mishaal noticed some audio issues at first. However, the audio stream improved when the Improved Compatibility option was on. But, again, we’re talking about Android 15 Beta 1.1. So, it’s likely that Google will get it more refined in the upcoming beta version.

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