Epic Games Store Unveils $100+ Worth of Free Games and Content

Epic Games Store

It’s a new month, and¬†with that,¬†Epic Games Store has refreshed its lineup of free games.¬†Currently,¬†you can grab Cat Quest II and Orcs Must Die 3 for free on the platform.¬†But the real deal starts on May 9, on which you can claim Circus Electrique and Firestone with limited edition skin and $100 worth of content for free.

That makes the entire giveaway lineup of Epic Games go up by nearly $200. Do note that these free offers will be available for a limited time. So, when they go live, make sure to grab them as soon as possible.

Cat Quest II ‚Äď Great Arcade Game You Can Currently Get for Free on Epic Games Store

CatQuest II

Cat Quest II dives into a whimsical world where cats and dogs reign supreme. This open-world action RPG puts you in the paws (or paws and claws) of two dethroned kings. One is a brave cat, and the other is a loyal dog. Forced to work together by circumstance, these unlikely allies embark on a grand adventure to reclaim their kingdoms.¬†It’s a fun game¬†that¬†you can grab for free on Epic Games Store¬†till¬†May 09.

As for the world, it unfolds like a colorful tapestry. It’s filled with towns bustling with quirky characters and dungeons brimming with danger. There are also many secrets waiting to¬†be unearthed. You’ll explore every nook and cranny, battling adorable yet challenging monsters¬†along the way. Real-time combat lets you unleash sword attacks, weave magical spells, and dodge enemy blows in a flurry of fur and fun.

As you progress, you’ll equip your furry heroes with¬†an arsenal of¬†weapons, armor, and magical trinkets.¬†Each piece of equipment grants unique abilities and stat boosts.¬†This¬†allows you to customize your play style. Leveling up your feline and canine companions unlocks new skills. You can make them¬†stronger¬†and more versatile in combat. This free game on Epic Games Store also has co-op.

You can team up with a friend for local co-op adventures. Each player takes control of one king. You then work together to overcome obstacles, conquer dungeons, and reclaim your rightful thrones.

Click This Link to Grab the Cat Quest II for Free on the Epic Games Store

Orcs Must Die 3 ‚Äď Another Fun Game that You Can Score for Free

Orcs Must Die 3

Orcs Must Die 3 is a game about utter orc annihilation! It’s an action-tower defense game, which you might already be familiar with. On this free Epic Game Store title, you play as an apprentice war mage and defend rifts from relentless orc hordes.

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You set up a gauntlet of deadly traps. That includes spike strips, flamethrowers, and chomping grinders. Next, you watch waves of orcs get hilariously dismembered. But that’s not all! You can also jump into the fray yourself. The game lets you wield¬†powerful¬†weapons and magical abilities. You can use them to take down any orcs that¬†manage to¬†survive your traps.

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This¬†isn’t your average orc slaughter, though. Orcs Must Die 3 introduces War Scenarios. These are massive battles where you face off against the¬†biggest¬†orc armies ever seen. To combat these overwhelming odds, you’ll get to ride giant War Machines and unleash devastating attacks on the orcish throngs.

Do note that this free will be available on the Epic Games Store for free till May 9. After that, you will need to purchase it for $9.69.

Click This Link to Grab the Orcs Must Die 3 for Free on the Epic Games Store

Circus Electrique ‚Äď A Story-driven RPG Game

Circus Electrique free game on Epic Games Store

This soon-to-be-free Epic Games Store game is pretty interesting. It’s not¬†a real¬†circus but a strategy RPG game with a unique twist.

Imagine a fantastical Victorian London with a steampunk aesthetic. Now, picture a grand circus filled with talented performers. However, these aren’t your ordinary clowns and strongmen. In Circus Electrique, these performers are your unlikely heroes!

The story of this game unfolds as everyday Londoners mysteriously turn violent.¬†Only the circus performers,¬†with their peculiar skills, can save the city.¬†You’ll play through tactical turn-based battles. You strategically use the abilities of strongmen, fire eaters, clowns, and other circus acts to combat these crazed Londoners.

It’s not just about fighting¬†though. Between battles, you’ll manage the circus itself. Upgrading your performers, rehearsing acts, and keeping the show running smoothly all¬†play a part in¬†your success. You can grab this game for free on Epic Games Store on May 9.

Firestone ‚Äď Another Soon-to-be-free Game with Goodies on Epic Games Store

FireStone game

Firestone centers around the world of Alandria. This world has been overrun by undead and orc enemies. You play as a hero who assembles a party of up to five heroes to fight back against these evil forces. As an idle RPG, the core gameplay involves relatively simple mechanics. You progress by defeating enemies and collecting rewards, even while you are offline.

This game will be free on the Epic Games Store on May 9, and you get a limited skin with $100 worth of content. You can learn more about the game from the video attached below.

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