Apple Apologizes for Controversial iPad Pro Ad: What Went Wrong?

New iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro has a new ad that shows a hydraulic press crushing a variety of objects. These objects include a record player, piano, DSLR camera, and an arcade cabinet. The main idea of the ad was that the new tablet compresses all the creativity into one package.

However, the ad wasn’t taken by the people as Apple intended. Instead, the ones who watched the ad, especially creators, saw it as Apple crushing the symbols of human creativity. The company has realized that the iPad Pro ad “missed the mark” and has now apologized for it.

Apple Explains That the New iPad Pro Ad Didn’t Want to Portray What People Think It Did

Seeing the negative views on the Apple iPad Pro, the company has issued a statement. The company said, “Creativity is in our DNA at Apple,” and explained how important it is to design products. Apple vice-president further said, “Our goal is to always celebrate the myriad of ways users express themselves.” That is, the main intention of the ad wasn’t to show Apple destroying the symbols of creativity.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple ended the statement by saying, “We missed the mark with this video, and we’re sorry.” With this, the company has also announced that the new Apple iPad Pro ad won’t be running on TV. But the new device that the video has showcased is indeed a major leap.

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The new Apple iPad Pro comes with the company’s latest M4 SoC. It has enough horsepower to handle anything you throw at it. That includes some heavy creative works such as music production. Besides, it’s equipped with an OLED screen, making video editing a breeze on the tablet.

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New Apple iPad Pro

So, while the new ad may have “missed the mark,” the Apple iPad Pro is a solid device. You can learn more by reading our launch coverage found in this link.

How Apple Can Prevent Similar Missteps in the Future

Apple wanted to portray the iPad Pro as a powerful tool that consolidates various creative functions. However, the execution fell flat. But with this ad campaign going wrong, the company can learn from its mistakes. They can prevent something similar happening in the future by:

Putting More Emphasis on Showing that Apple iPad Empowers Creators

Future ads should showcase the iPad Pro as a tool that empowers creators, not replaces them. The company can highlight real-world artists using the device to create amazing work.

Embracing Legacy

Instead of portraying the iPad Pro as a replacement for traditional creative tools, Apple could acknowledge its history and value. Show the tablet seamlessly integrating with existing workflows.

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Putting A Focus on Clear Messages

Clearer messaging is key. Apple can prevent future missteps by ensuring that the ad’s core message is readily understood by the target audience. This could’ve possibly made the company avoid the backlash it received for the current iPad Pro Ad.

Again, while the ad campaign went wrong, the iPad Pro itself appears to be a powerful device. By learning from this misstep and implementing these suggestions, Apple can ensure future ads effectively communicate the potential of their product while resonating with their creative audience.

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