OpenAI launches ChatGPT app for Mac: Windows version coming later this year

ChatGPT app

OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research company, has announced the launch of a new desktop application for ChatGPT, its popular AI language model. The app will first be available on macOS for ChatGPT Plus subscribers starting today. However, a wider rollout for free users will be in the coming weeks. A Windows version is planned for release later this year. At the launch of the app, the company said

“Starting today, we will first launch the macOS application to Plus users and will make it available to a wider audience in the next few weeks. users. We also plan to launch a Windows version later this year.”

ChatGPT desktop app

ChatGPT Optimized Interface

OpenAI also claims that ChatGPT will also have an optimized user interface. OpenAI’s demo shows that users can open the ChatGPT desktop application in a minimized window side by side with other programs. Users can ask ChatGPT questions about the content displayed on the screen through input or voice, and ChatGPT can answer based on what they “see”.

Alongside the launch of the desktop app, OpenAI has also introduced an optimized user interface for ChatGPT on the web. The changes include an improved home screen and redesigned message layout, aimed at making the interaction experience more natural and conversational. OpenAI’s CTO, Mira Murati explains

“We know these models will become more and more complex … but we want the interaction experience to be more natural and easy, so that users don’t need to focus on the interface, but focus on collaborating with ChatGPT.”

OpenAI said users can ask questions to ChatGPT and discuss screenshots within the app. The new app will be available to both free and paid users. Please note that the current release is a technical testing phase. The wider rollout will happen soon. Currently, ChatGPT already has iOS and Android apps. Thus, the Mac and Windows versions are a welcome development.

Seamless Integration with macOS

The new ChatGPT desktop app is designed to integrate seamlessly with macOS, allowing users to access the AI assistant while working on other applications. The app can be opened quickly using the Option + Space keyboard shortcut. This will enable users to ask questions and receive answers based on the content displayed on their screen.

ChatGPT desktop app


Voice Mode and Screenshot Discussions

One of the key features of the ChatGPT desktop app is Voice Mode, which allows users to have voice conversations with the AI assistant. Users can tap the headphone icon in the bottom right corner of the app to start a voice conversation, whether they want to brainstorm ideas, prepare for an interview, or discuss a specific topic.

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Also, the app enables users to take and discuss screenshots within the interface, providing a convenient way to share visual information with ChatGPT and receive insights or feedback.

GPT-4o: A New Era of AI

In addition to the ChatGPT desktop app and UI updates, OpenAI has also announced the release of its new large language model, GPT-4o. This new model offers “GPT-4-level intelligence” but is faster and more proficient across text, voice, and vision.

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The availability of GPT-4o marks a significant milestone for OpenAI, as it will be freely available to all users, including those without a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Previously, users were limited to the older GPT-3.5 model unless they had a paid subscription.

ChatGPT desktop app

Progress of ChatGPT

The progress of ChatGPT has been a subject of both fascination and concern in recent studies and discussions. Researchers have compared the performance of ChatGPT models, particularly GPT-4, with its predecessors, revealing surprising findings. While GPT-4 has shown a decline in accuracy on certain tasks, its predecessor, GPT-3.5, has demonstrated significant improvements in accuracy. Moreover, studies have highlighted that ChatGPT-4 is more prone to mixing information relative to earlier versions. For this reason, many users are choosing to stick with the GPT 3.5. However, OpenAI is working on the system to make it better.

Peter Welinder, a prominent figure in the AI community, suggests that more user interaction with newer AI versions may lead to a better awareness of issues. This could potentially give the impression of AI regression. Despite these challenges, it is crucial to acknowledge that AI technology is still evolving, and setbacks are part of the learning process. To address these concerns and ensure the continued progress of ChatGPT, refining training data, implementing robust fact-checking mechanisms, and encouraging iterative feedback are essential strategies. By learning from setbacks and leveraging them to enhance future iterations, the AI community can navigate the complexities of AI development and meet the evolving expectations of users.


The launch of the ChatGPT desktop app for macOS marks a significant step forward in the accessibility and usability of OpenAI’s AI language model. With features like Voice Mode, screenshot discussions, and an optimized user interface, the app promises to enhance the collaboration between users and ChatGPT.

While the initial rollout is limited to macOS and ChatGPT Plus subscribers, the upcoming availability for free users and the planned Windows version later this year will ensure that a wider audience can benefit from the app’s capabilities.

As OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of AI with the release of GPT-4o, and as Apple explores the integration of ChatGPT into its iOS ecosystem, the future of AI-powered collaboration looks increasingly promising and accessible to users across various platforms and devices. What do you think about ChatGPT for Mac and Windows? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

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