Revolutionize Your Driving Experience with Android Auto 12

The beta testing program is very helpful. It lets users download and install pre-release builds to try out new features and improvements early. Google’s goal is clear: with Android Auto beta builds, users get access to the latest updates before they are officially released.

Users can submit feedback, find bugs, and help the company improve overall stability and reliability. This reduces the chances of crashes and other errors. If you’ve used Android Auto for a long time, you know how important this is.

Android Auto 11.9 was released in the stable channel earlier this week. Now, the app is ready to reach a new milestone.

Android Auto 12 Beta Now Available Android Auto 12

Before you look for the download link, here’s something important to know. Reaching a milestone in software is usually good news and often comes with major improvements. However, this isn’t the case with Android Auto.

Google sees Android Auto 12 as a “regular” release, so they didn’t update the changelog. The release notes remain the same, and users installing Android Auto 12 won’t find any new features, except for the changes I outlined earlier.

Take Precaution when Installing Beta Software

Currently, Android Auto 12 is in the beta stage. If you’re not familiar with beta builds, it’s best not to download this update. Beta software like this has a higher chance of glitches. If you do try it out, your role is to report any bugs you find to Google to help make the final update more stable.

Beta builds shouldn’t be used as your everyday app version. If you rely on Android Auto daily and need it to work reliably, it’s best to stick with the stable channel version.

How to Download Android Auto 12Android Auto 12

The simplest way to access beta builds is by joining the Android Auto beta program. By becoming a tester, you’ll receive new testing builds directly on your phone through the Google Play Store whenever Google releases them. If you’re already enrolled, just open the Play Store and check for updates.

If you’re not enrolled, you can sideload the Android Auto 12 APK on your smartphone. Here’s how:

1. Download the APK installer on your mobile device.
2. Find the APK file in your device’s storage, tap it, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.
3. You don’t need to uninstall the existing installation, even if you’re using the stable build. The new files will automatically replace the existing build.

The Future of Android Auto Android Auto 12

Google is working on several significant changes for Android Auto, but they roll out these updates gradually, so some users may receive them later than others.

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One significant update involves how Android Auto handles notifications while driving. Users can use Google Assistant to stay in touch with contacts through calls and messages, but it’s also possible to disable notifications. However, even when disabled, these notifications may still appear in the notification center.

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A new option that has recently started rolling out allows users to completely disable notifications on Android Auto. This means notifications won’t appear in the notification center at all. The aim is to enhance safety by enabling drivers to focus solely on the road without distractions from their phones.

Google has begun rolling out a visual update for the settings screen on mobile devices in Android Auto. The configuration screen has been outdated for some time and lacked support for dark mode. Despite Google’s Material You overhaul of the mobile version of Android Auto years ago, the settings screen retained its old appearance. Now, Google is addressing this issue, and users running the latest Android Auto builds will see the settings screen finally adopting dark mode.

Another significant change currently rolling out to Android Auto is the support for stock icon designs on mobile devices. This update lets users replace the default icons in Android Auto with those that came with their device. This feature aims to create greater consistency between smartphones and Android Auto, making transitions between devices smoother.

Additionally, Google has enabled support for phone wallpapers on Android Auto. Users can now set their mobile device background to also appear as a background in the car, enhancing personalization options.

If everything goes smoothly and Google doesn’t encounter major bugs with Android Auto 12, this build is expected to be released to the production channel next week. Non-beta users will begin receiving the update through the Google Play Store, but the rollout will happen gradually.

If you prefer to update immediately, manually installing the update using the APK installer will be the only option available.


In conclusion, the beta testing program is a win-win for users and Google. Users get early access to new features and a chance to influence development, while Google benefits from valuable bug reports and real-world testing. This collaborative effort ensures a more stable and user-friendly final product. While Android Auto 12 itself might seem like a minor update, it lays the groundwork for future improvements that prioritize driver safety and a more personalized experience.

From visual overhauls and customizable layouts to the ability to completely silence notifications, Android Auto appears to be heading in a positive direction. However, the choice is yours. If stability is your top concern, stick with the stable channel for now. But for adventurous users who crave a sneak peek at the future, the beta program offers an exciting opportunity to be part of the development process. Remember, beta software comes with the risk of glitches, so proceed with caution.

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