Microsoft Copilot Plus PCs bring built-in AI hardware for powerful AI experiences

Microsoft Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft has announced new Copilot Plus PCs. With this, the company is making a major push to put AI into laptops. The new models come with built-in AI hardware, which brings multiple advanced AI features.

All the major Microsoft laptop partners will be offering Copilot Plus PCs. That includes Samsung, HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Dell. Microsoft itself has also brought out two of its own, which are part of the Surface lineup. Now, while the company has focused a lot on the new Snapdragon ARM chips running Windows, these features will be available on AMD and Intel chips as well.

Some of the New AI Features That Copilot Plus PCs Bring

Microsoft has packed Copilot+ PCs with next-generation AI features designed to boost productivity and creativity. These features run directly on the device. This eliminates limitations like latency and privacy concerns.

Recall on Copilot+ PCs

Say goodbye to endless searches! Recall acts like a personal photographic memory for your PC. It organizes information based on how you naturally think. Through thatit allows you to find what you need quickly using simple cues.

Imagine scrolling through a timeline of everything you’ve interacted with on your PC. That includes documents, emails, websites, and more. Recall even captures snapshots of your screen. It can then suggest actions based on what it recognizes. Whether you need to revisit a specific email or pick up where you left off in a chat, Recall can help you easily get back on track.

Of course, all this could make you a bit concerned about privacy. Control remains in your hands with Recall. Snapshots are stored entirely on your device. Also, you can choose to delete them individually, in batches, or pause capture entirely. You can even specify which apps and websites Recall doesn’t save information for. This ensures your privacy is always respected.

AI-powered Image Creation and Editing On Copilot+ PCs

Copilot Plus PCs don’t just excel at productivity. Microsoft says that they have a knack for creative minds as well. Built-in AI features like Cocreate and Restyle Image empower you to bring your artistic vision to life with ease.

Imagine sketching an idea and having an AI refine it in real time. Cocreate lets you do just that! Simply combine your strokes with text descriptions, and Cocreate will generate new images based on your vision. The AI adapts as you iterate, allowing you to effortlessly refine your ideas.

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With Restyle Image, you can take photo editing to a new level. This feature lets you transform your photos with pre-set styles like “Cyberpunk” or “Claymation.” You can also use Image Creator to generate entirely new visuals based on your inspiration. On Copilot+ PCs, you can generate limitless images for free, fine-tune them to perfection, and save your favorites for future use.

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Integration With Popular Apps

The power of Copilot Plus PCs extends beyond Microsoft’s own applications. Microsoft has partnered with leading creative software developers to harness the NPU’s potential. One of them is Adobe. 

Photoshop on Microsoft Copilot Plus PCs

You can leverage the power of the NPU in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Express. This summer, the abilities expand to include Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more! A continuous collaboration between Microsoft and Adobe ensures these applications are optimized for the NPU, allowing you to express your creative vision at unprecedented speeds.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Copilot Plus PCs unlock a range of exciting AI features within other popular creative applications. That includes:

  • DaVinci Resolve Studio: Effortlessly apply stunning visual effects with NPU-accelerated Magic Mask.
  • CapCut: Remove video backgrounds in a flash using the NPU-powered Auto Cutout feature.
  • Cephable: Maintain your creative flow with faster, more responsive input controls powered by the NPU camera pipeline.
  • LiquidText: Make smarter annotations to documents with on-device AI features, keeping your data private.
  • djay Pro: Experience a whole new level of music manipulation with the exclusive NPU-powered NeuralMix™ in djay Pro.

Beyond the AI Features

Besides the new AI features, Microsoft claims that the Copilot+ PCs are the fastest and most secure Windows machines yet. Here’s what the company has to justify that with:

Superior Performance With Snapdragon X Processors

The Microsoft Copilot Plus PCs combine the power of CPUs, GPUs, and a high-performance Neural Processing Unit (NPU). This leads to unprecedented performance. They’re up to 20 times more powerful for AI tasks. More specifically, they can outperform the MacBook Air 15-inch by a significant 58% in sustained multithreaded performance. This translates to impressive battery life – lasting up to 22 hours for local video playback on a single charge.

Snapdragon X Elite

Better Security With Copilot Plus PCs

Every Copilot+ PC comes equipped with the Microsoft Pluton security processor. Combined with the latest updates to Windows 11, these machines offer robust built-in protection.

Native App Power on the Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft has optimized Windows for the new Snapdragon ARM processors. This results in the fastest Microsoft 365 experience ever. Popular apps like Chrome, Spotify, and Zoom also run natively for seamless performance. And thanks to a powerful emulator called Prism, even non-native apps run smoothly.

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