How to get better prices with a VPN?

How to get better prices with VPN

Ever found yourself seeing a strangely inflated price while booking a ticket online? Wanted to book a hotel but found the price more than the normal? Well, if you can relate to these, you’ve faced what’s called price discrimination. It’s basically a phenomenon where companies charge different customers different rates for the exact same thing. And the good news is that you can get better prices with a VPN.

Wondering how? The thing about price discrimination is that it considers a good number of factors about you. That includes your location and your browsing history. This can lead to situations where someone in one country pays significantly more for an item than someone in another. A VPN can outsmart this system and give you better pricing.

Real-Life Examples of Using VPN to Get Better Prices

Let’s give you some real-life examples of how the location can factor in the price of what you’re purchasing. Take a look at the screenshot below, which is from Airbnb, showing different prices for the same hotels based on the location.

Prices from Thailand

Prices from Thailand

Prices of the same hotels in Germany

Prices from Germany

Airbnb isn’t the only example here. You can use VPN to get better prices on other booking services. For example, here’s the difference on

From Indonesia

From Indonesia

A Different Price From Germany

From Germany

How to Use a VPN to Get Better Prices

So, now that you’ve seen real-life examples of how the pricing changes when you use VPN, let’s give you a rundown on some examples of where you can take proper advantage of this:

Get Better Pricing While Booking Flights

When purchasing flights

Ever missed a flight and scrambled to get home? Airlines know you’re in a bind, and they may jack up prices for last-minute bookings. This is classic price discrimination – they charge more because they can.

But airlines aren’t the only culprits. They also track your online behavior, raising prices if you spend a lot of time looking at a specific flight. This tactic creates a sense of urgency and pushes you towards a higher ticket cost.

Here’s where a VPN comes in as your travel-saving hero! By activating a VPN before searching for flights, you mask your location and browsing history from the airline. Make sure to clear your cookies and avoid logging into any existing accounts. This creates the illusion of a first-time visitor, potentially leading to a lower initial price quote.

Think of it as a way to level the playing field. With a VPN, you can see the same prices airlines offer to new customers, potentially saving you money on your next trip.

Better Prices With VPN While Booking a Hotel

While booking a Hotel

Hotels are notorious for price discrimination. Imagine you’re on a last-minute trip and desperately need a room. Both the hotel’s website and booking platforms know you’re in a bind and may inflate prices accordingly.

This tactic exploits the limited availability of rooms in a specific location, allowing them to charge a premium for those in urgent need.

But you don’t have to be a victim of these price hikes! A VPN can be your secret weapon for finding better hotel deals. By masking your location and browsing history, a VPN makes it difficult for hotel websites to track you.

Here’s the key: Whenever you plan to revisit a hotel booking site, clear your browser history, cookies, and cache. Then, activate your VPN to create a fresh online identity. This approach can help you see more competitive prices, potentially saving you money on your next stay.

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While Using RatePunk

Better Prices with VPN When Using RatePunk

Looking for the best hotel deals can feel like a never-ending quest. But what if there was a tool that could help you find hidden discounts, even across international borders? Enter RatePunk, a free service that’s your secret weapon for finding the cheapest hotel rates.

RatePunk goes beyond simply comparing prices on different booking platforms. It also checks prices for the same hotel in various countries. This is where a VPN comes in handy.

Imagine RatePunk finds a much cheaper deal on a hotel room, but it’s listed on a website catering to a different country. Simply connect your VPN to a server in that country and book your stay! You’ll be enjoying the same room at a fraction of the price, all from the comfort of your couch.

Important Note: While using a VPN to find better deals can be tempting,  always check the booking site’s terms and conditions to ensure using a VPN doesn’t violate any policies.

Better Personalized Pricing with VPN

Better Prices with VPN for Personalized Pricing

Ever feel like you’ve been priced out of a good deal online? Personalized pricing, where websites tailor prices based on your past purchases and browsing history, can sometimes work against you. For example, you might miss out on one-time discounts if the website recognizes you’ve already used them.

But there’s a potential way to outsmart personalized pricing, although it comes with a caveat. A VPN can help you create a new online identity, potentially allowing you to access discounts meant for first-time customers. Here’s how it works:

  • Change your VPN server location: Connect to a server in a different country.
  • Clear your browsing data: Delete your browser cache and cookies to remove any traces of your previous visits.
  • Revisit the website: With a fresh online identity, you might see different prices and potentially qualify for discounts again.

Important Disclaimer: This method isn’t foolproof and may violate some websites’ terms of service. If they detect you using a VPN to exploit discounts, you could be banned from the platform. Use this approach with caution and only if you’re comfortable with the potential risks.

A Few More Recommendations On How to Get Better Prices With VPN

Better Pricing With VPn

Convinced a VPN can be your weapon against online price discrimination? Here are some insider tips to maximize your savings by using a reliable VPN:

  • Target Europe and the UK: When searching for flights or hotels, consider connecting to a VPN server in Europe, particularly the UK. These regions often show lower prices compared to other parts of the world.
  • Think Local: If you’re booking a hotel in a specific country, try connecting to a VPN server in that same location. This might unlock deals targeted towards local customers.
  • Comparison is Key: Don’t book on impulse! Once you find a promising deal, use different devices and browsers to compare prices across various booking platforms.
  • Loyalty Doesn’t Always Pay: Loyalty programs can be tempting, but they don’t guarantee the best prices. Sometimes, logging out of your account might reveal even better deals.
  • Currency Conversion Matters: Prices can fluctuate based on currency exchange rates. Before booking,  check the conversion rates between your local currency and the destination’s currency. You might save money by paying in a different currency.
  • Explore Multiple Booking Platforms: Don’t rely on a single booking platform. Different platforms might have negotiated different rates with hotels, so it pays to shop around. Consider using tools that can help you compare prices across multiple platforms.
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