MediaTek Announces Dimensity 7300 and 7300X 4nm SoCs

Dimensity 9300

The unveiling of the Dimensity 7300 series by MediaTek presents an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the technical specifications and explore the potential implications for the future of mobile technology. This exploration will shed light on specific features and how they might influence user experience across various applications.

Unveiling the Potential: A Deep Dive into the Dimensity 7300 Series

CPU Architecture and Real-World Performance

Additionally, the Dimensity 7300 series boasts an octa-core CPU configuration with four high-performance Arm Cortex-A78 cores and four energy-efficient Arm Cortex-A55 cores. This combination promises a significant improvement over the Dimensity 7050, particularly in CPU-intensive tasks. The 25% reduction in power consumption for the A78 cores translates to extended battery life. A crucial factor for users who rely heavily on their smartphones.

However, to fully understand the real-world performance impact, it’s essential to consider benchmark scores and independent reviews once devices powered by the Dimensity 7300 series hit the market. So, these benchmarks will provide a more precise comparison to competitor chipsets and quantify the performance gains in everyday tasks like web browsing, social media usage, and productivity applications.

Gaming Prowess: A Closer Look at MediaTek HyperEngine

So, for mobile gamers, the Dimensity 7300 series boasts the Arm Mali-G615 GPU, promising smooth gameplay and visually impressive graphics. However, the true potential lies in MediaTek HyperEngine’s suite of optimizations. So, let’s delve deeper into some of these key features:

  • Resource Management: HyperEngine intelligently allocates resources based on real-time usage patterns. This ensures that games receive priority access to processing power and memory, minimizing lag and stuttering during intense gaming sessions.

  • Network Optimization: Network connections are a critical aspect of online gaming. HyperEngine prioritizes network traffic for game data, ensuring a stable and lag-free online gaming experience. This is particularly beneficial for users with limited or unreliable data connections.

  • Dual-Link True Wireless Stereo Audio: This feature, enabled by Bluetooth LE Audio support, allows for a significant improvement in audio quality and latency for wireless earbuds. Gamers can experience clear and synchronized audio, enhancing immersion and providing a competitive edge in games that rely on precise audio cues.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these optimizations will vary depending on the specific game and its optimization for the Dimensity 7300 series. However, these features have the potential to significantly improve the overall gaming experience on smartphones powered by this chipset.

Capturing Every Detail: The Power of MediaTek Imagiq 950

So, the MediaTek Imagiq 950 ISP is a powerhouse for mobile photography enthusiasts. Its 12-bit HDR capability allows for capturing a wider dynamic range, resulting in images with richer colors, deeper blacks, and more details in both highlights and shadows. So, the ability to support high-resolution cameras, up to a staggering 200 megapixels, paves the way for future-proof smartphone designs that can capture exceptional detail.

Also, beyond resolution, the Imagiq 950 boasts dedicated hardware engines for noise reduction (MCNR), face detection (HWFD), and video HDR processing. Let’s explore how these features can elevate mobile photography:

  • MCNR (Multi-Frame Noise Reduction): This technology combines information from multiple image frames to create a final image with significantly less noise, particularly in low-light conditions. This results in sharper and clearer photos, even when shooting in challenging lighting scenarios.

  • HWFD (Hardware Face Detection): This feature utilizes dedicated hardware for faster and more accurate face detection. This is beneficial for features like portrait mode and autofocus, ensuring sharper focus on faces within the frame.

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  • Video HDR Processing: With video HDR processing, the Dimensity 7300 series can capture videos with a wider dynamic range. This translates to videos with richer colors, more details in both highlights and shadows, and a more natural and realistic viewing experience.

The combination of these features empowers users to capture stunning visuals. Regardless of lighting conditions or the complexity of the scene.

Dimensity 7300 / 7300X Features:

  • Processor:
    • 4nm-class process (TSMC)
    • CPU: 4x Cortex-A78 @ 2.5GHz + 4x Cortex-A55 @ 2GHz
  • Memory:
    • LPDDR5/LPDDR4x up to 6400Mbps
    • UFS 3.1 storage
  • Camera:
    • Imagiq 950 ISP
    • 12-bit HDR support
    • Hardware features: Face Detection, MCNR, Video EIS, Depth Engine
    • 4K Video HDR recording
    • Dual simultaneous video capture
    • AI-assisted camera functions (AE, AWB, AF)
  • Display:
    • Supports WFHD+ @ 120Hz or Full HD+ @ 144Hz
    • Dual display support (7300X only)
  • Video:
    • Encoding/Decoding: H.264, HEVC, VP-9
  • Graphics:
    • Arm Mali-G615 MC2 GPU
  • AI Processing Unit:
    • MediaTek 6th generation APU 655
  • Modem:
    • Supports 2G-5G connectivity
    • 5G/4G Carrier Aggregation
    • SA & NSA modes
    • VoNR / EPS fallback
  • Connectivity:
    • Integrated Wi-Fi 6E
    • Bluetooth 5.4
    • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GPS, BeiDou, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS, NavIC)

Compared to Dimensity 7050:

  • Newer 4nm process for improved power efficiency
  • More powerful CPU cores (Cortex-A78)
  • More advanced AI processing unit (MediaTek 6th gen APU 655)
  • Improved camera features (Imagiq 950 ISP, 4K HDR video)
  • Faster display refresh rates supported
  • Wi-Fi 6E support

The Rise of AI: MediaTek APU 655 Takes Center Stage

So, the integration of the MediaTek APU 655, boasting twice the AI performance of its predecessor, signifies MediaTek’s commitment to AI integration within mobile chipsets. This enhanced processing power opens doors for a range of innovative applications, including:

  • Enhanced Camera Features: AI capabilities can be leveraged for features like scene detection, content recognition, and real-time object identification. These features can automatically adjust camera settings for optimal results based on the scene being captured.

  • Improved User Experience: AI can be used for facial recognition for secure unlocking or personalized recommendations within applications. Additionally, voice assistant interactions can become more natural.


So, the Dimensity 7300 series by MediaTek represents a significant leap forward in mobile technology. The Dimensity 7300 series, with enhanced performance, improved graphics, next-level imaging, and powerful AI integration, can redefine user experiences. It democratizes flagship features and fosters innovation in foldable devices and mobile gaming. As devices with this chipset hit the market, it will be interesting to see its real-world impact and how it shapes the mobile landscape in the coming years.

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