Asus ROG Ally X Launches With Multiple Key Upgrades

Asus ROG Ally X launch

There’s no denying that the Steam Deck has ignited the fire in the handheld gaming PC world. After Valve launched that device, we saw many manufacturers releasing competing handhelds. While challengers emerged, none quite captured the attention as the ASUS ROG Ally.

But if you weren’t impressed by the first iteration, you would want to check out the Asus ROG Ally X. It’s not a direct successor, though. Instead, it’s a refresh of the first gaming handheld with some key upgrades. These improvements aim to make the experience much more enjoyable.

One of the Key Upgrade Is Better Storage and RAM

Taking user feedback to heart, the ROG Ally X boasts significant internal upgrades. The new gaming handheld features a whopping 1TB SSD, doubling the capacity of its predecessor. This translates to a massive library of games at your fingertips, all of which you play while being on the go.

But the enhancements don’t stop there. The Asus ROG Ally X utilizes a redesigned motherboard equipped with an M.2 2280 form factor slot. This user-friendly design allows for effortless storage upgrades. This means your gaming library can grow alongside your needs.

Asus ROG Ally RAM and Storage upgrade

Complementing the storage boost is a generous 24GB of LPDDR5X-7500 RAM. This large memory upgrade is particularly crucial for modern games. They tend to demand hefty VRAM allocations for stunning visuals. With the Ally X, you can allocate more memory to both the system and the integrated GPU. This unlocks smoother performance for the next generation of graphically demanding AAA titles.

Asus ROG Ally X Also Sees an Upgrade on Battery Life and Ergonomics

The ROG Ally X isn’t only about raw power; it prioritizes endurance as well. Packing a hefty 80Wh battery, it boasts double the capacity of the original Ally. This translates to extended gaming sessions, freeing you from the tyranny of power outlets.

Impressively, despite this significant battery upgrade, the Ally X remains sleek and portable. It weighs in at 70 grams heavier than its predecessor, with a good weight distribution. This clever engineering places the bulk of the weight where your thumb and forefinger naturally rest while gripping the device. As a result, the Ally X feels lighter than what its 678 grams might suggest.

ROG Ally X vs ROG Ally

Better Design for Prolonged Comfortable Gaming Sessions

The Asus ROG Ally X boasts a comprehensive exterior redesign as well. With a new black colorway, the Ally X features deeper handles. It also has a more rounded design for enhanced comfort during extended gaming sessions. This ergonomic makeover comes without sacrificing portability, as the device maintains a slim profile.

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Its control scheme has also received a welcome overhaul. Buttons and sticks are now positioned at more ergonomic angles. There’s a comfortable slant to the triggers for effortless actuation. The macro buttons on the back have been thoughtfully reduced in size. This ensures they remain accessible while minimizing accidental presses in the heat of battle.

Durability takes center stage with the implementation of new, high-performance joysticks. They boast a 5-million-cycle lifespan. These improved modules are coupled with stiffer springs. As a result, they can deliver a more responsive and familiar feel for seasoned console gamers. The D-Pad of the ROG Ally X hasn’t been overlooked either. It received an upgrade for precise eight-directional input, perfect for mastering fighting games and retro classics.

Dual USB ports

In response to overwhelming requests for more versatile connectivity, the original XG Mobile port has been replaced. The new handheld now comes with a pair of USB-C ports. One of these ports boasts Thunderbolt 4 compatibility, granting seamless interoperability with a vast array of third-party docks and external GPUs.

Improved Thermals, Pricing, and Availability of Asus ROG Ally X

Asus prioritized efficient thermal management as well. To accommodate the doubled battery capacity, ROG Ally X implements a clever cooling solution. New, 23% smaller fans use ultra-thin, 50% thinner fan blades to maximize airflow within the device.

There are strategically placed tunnels within the fan housing channel that cools air upwards and outwards. They are paired with a third exhaust vent on the Ally X’s upper edge. This ingenious thermal design delivers a 24% increase in air volume circulating throughout the device. So, they can cool not only the core components but also the touchscreen. Asus says that this translates to a remarkable 6-degree Celsius reduction in touchscreen temperature. So, you can expect comfortable gaming even during extended sessions.

Pricing and availability

The ROG Ally X is slated to hit store shelves in July with a starting price of $799. You can preorder one right now. Worth noting that the original model with Z1 Extreme launched at $699. So, we’re seeing a $100 price bump. But considering all the upgrades, this $100 is well worth it. But, yes, these upgrades aren’t enough if you already have the original model.

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