Top 24 rumoured features that we would like to see on the iOS 18 Beta

Apple iOS 18

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is just around the corner, and all eyes are on the highly anticipated unveiling of iOS 18. Scheduled to take place on June 10, the WWDC keynote will serve as the stage for Apple to showcase the latest advancements in its mobile operating system. Following the keynote, the first beta of iOS 18 will be available to members of the Apple Developer Program. A public beta will likely follow in July, giving users a chance to get an early glimpse of the new features. The full, polished version of iOS 18 is then slated for a widespread release in September, coinciding with the launch of the iPhone 16 lineup.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on rumors and speculations, not confirmed details from Apple.

Apple iOS 18

Compatibility and Expectations

Apple should maintain the same level of device compatibility as iOS 17, ensuring that the latest software update will be available to a wide range of iPhone models. This continuity in support is a testament to Apple’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience across its ecosystem. As for the features and changes, iOS 18 is shaping up to be one of the most significant updates in the iPhone’s history. The rumor mill has been abuzz with a plethora of exciting new additions, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top 24 rumored features for iOS 18.

Please be aware of the fact that these features are just rumors and are not confirmed to come with iOS 18. Even though, we would appreciate it if some of them come with the final product.

Rumored new features and changes to expect from iOS 18:

According to MacRumors, Mashable, 9to5Google, and other tech blogs, iOS 18 is rumored to include some pretty cool features. The full list below is prepared based on available rumors. There is no official confirmation from the company regarding any of the features below.

1. Apple Maps:

According to rumors, the iOS 18 will allow users to create custom routes in Apple Maps, going beyond the pre-selected options. The app will also gain support for topographic maps with trails, elevation, and other outdoor-focused details.

2. Apple Music:

iOS 18 is expected to bring auto-generated playlists to Apple Music. MacRumors also claims that this app will bring smarter song transitions that seamlessly blend tracks.

3. Apple News:

The News app in iOS 18 will use AI to automatically generate summaries of news articles, providing users with quick overviews of the latest stories.

4. Calculator:

According to 9to5Google, the Calculator app is gaining a sidebar to display recent calculations. It will also have an improved unit conversion interface, integration with the Notes app, and eventual iPad support.

5. Calendar:

A recent TechRadar report claims that iOS 18 will deepen the integration between the Calendar and Reminders apps. This will make it easier to manage tasks and events.

6. CarPlay:

Tom’s Guide claims that the iOS 18 will come with three big updates for CarPlay. The upcoming system will introduce new accessibility features for CarPlay, including enhanced voice recognition capabilities.

7. Control Center:

iOS 18 will revamp the Control Center interface according to iMore. This center will have updates to the music widget and improved controls for HomeKit accessories.

8. Fitness:

The Fitness app on iOS 18 is expected to receive a complete overhaul, though the specific details are currently unknown.

9. Freeform:

The Freeform app in iOS 18 is expected to gain a new feature called “Scenes” that will simplify navigation within large boards. This feature will allow users to quickly move between specific sections or scenes within a board by pressing keyboard shortcuts or using a new Scenes UI.

Apple iOS 18

10. Health:

The Health app in iOS 18 should include several new features, including:

Gizchina News of the week

  • Mental Health Tracking: The app will now track mental health metrics, providing users with a better understanding of their mental well-being.
  • Sleep Analysis: The app will analyze sleep patterns, helping users identify areas for improvement in their sleep quality.
  • Improved Integration with Third-Party Fitness Apps: The Health app will integrate more seamlessly with third-party fitness apps, allowing users to track their fitness activities more comprehensively.
  • New Workout Modes: The app will offer new workout modes, providing users with more options for tracking their physical activity.
  • Redesigned Fitness+ Interface: The Fitness+ interface will be redesigned to provide users with better insights into their health metrics and more options for tracking their fitness goals.
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11. Home Screen:

  • Place icons anywhere on the grid: Users will be able to freely place app icons and widgets on their Home Screen, breaking free from the fixed aligned grid and allowing for gaps between widgets and app icons.
  • Change the color of app icons: Users will be able to customize app icons by changing their color on a system-wide level, offering more personalization options[.

12. Keynote and Pages:

TechCrunch reports that Apple’s office apps will get an AI boost. Keynote will automatically generate slides, and Pages will generate text, both utilizing AI technology to enhance productivity.

13. Magnifier:

The Magnifier app will include a new Reader mode, making it easier to read text on the screen.

14. Mail:

The Mail app will suggest replies to incoming emails, helping users quickly respond to messages.

15. Messages:

  • RCS support: Messages will support RCS (Rich Communication Services), allowing for more advanced messaging features such as text effects and suggested replies.
  • Per-word effects: Users will be able to add animations to individual words within a message, enhancing the messaging experience.
  • Suggested replies: The Messages app will suggest replies to incoming messages, making it easier to respond quickly.
  • Custom emojis: The Messages app will generate new emojis based on the content of a user’s messages, using AI technology.
  • Message replay: Users will be able to replay messages, allowing for more interactive communication.
  • Tapback icon: A new Tapback icon will be available in Messages, providing a quick way to respond to messages.

16. Annotations:

  • Annotations will include a built-in recording tool, allowing users to record audio notes.
  • Annotations will include audio transcription capabilities, making it easier to transcribe recorded audio.
  • Annotations will be able to display mathematical notation, enhancing the functionality for users who work with complex equations.

Apple iOS 18

17. Notifications:

Notifications will include a summary of AI-generated notifications, making it easier to manage and prioritize messages.

18. Photo:

The Photo app will include AI-powered photo retouching capabilities, allowing users to enhance and edit their photos.

19. Safari:

  • Browsing assistant: Safari will include a browsing assistant that can summarize web pages, helping users quickly find the information they need.
  • Page eraser tool: Safari will include a “page eraser” tool, allowing users to remove unwanted portions of web pages.
  • Intelligent Search: Safari will include an “Intelligent Search” option that uses on-device AI technology to identify key topics and phrases on web pages.

20. Settings:

  • The Settings app will get a major redesign with a cleaner, more streamlined interface
  • Search functionality within Settings will improve significantly
  • New accessibility features will be added to Settings

21. Shortcuts:

Shortcuts will allow for easier automation of complex tasks

22. Siri:

  • Siri will be powered by generative AI similar to ChatGPT, enabling more natural conversations and personalized responses
  • Siri’s AI capabilities may include text generation, image generation, and assisting with daily tasks
  • More per-app controls for Siri are planned, but likely won’t be available until 2025

23. Spotlight:

Spotlight search will provide smarter results and improved sorting

24. Voice Memos

The Voice Memos app will gain real-time audio transcription capabilities


There is still no confirmation from Apple saying these features will reach iOS 18. Therefore, we should treat them as rumored features. Despite this, some of these features could make iOS 18 a very interesting update. For now, we are waiting for WWDC which will confirm most of the details regarding Apple’s next big update for iOS.

Disclaimer: We may be compensated by some of the companies whose products we talk about, but our articles and reviews are always our honest opinions. For more details, you can check out our editorial guidelines and learn about how we use affiliate links.

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