Samsung Extends Live Translate Feature to Third-Party Apps: Enhancing Global Communication

Samsung Live Translate

Samsung has recently announced that its Live Translate feature, part of its Galaxy AI suite, will be compatible with third-party apps. This development marks an expansion of the feature’s capabilities, enabling users to enjoy seamless real-time translation in their favourite messaging apps.

Samsung Live Translate

Live Translate: A Key Feature of Galaxy AI

Live Translate is a key component of Samsung’s Galaxy AI suite, which was introduced alongside the Galaxy S24 series. This AI-powered feature allows for real-time translation of voice calls, face-to-face conversations, and text messages into preferred languages. The feature is designed to simplify multilingual communication, making it easier for users to connect with people who speak different languages.

Live Translate leverages advanced on-device AI to process translations independently, ensuring privacy and eliminating the need for external servers or the cloud. The feature supports a growing number of languages, with the latest update adding Arabic as the fourteenth language. This expansion demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to breaking down language barriers and enabling global communication.

To use Live Translate, users simply open the Phone app, enable the feature, and select the desired language for the other party. During the call, audio and text translations appear in real time, making cross-language conversations as effortless as turning on closed captions.

Samsung’s dedication to developing high-performance AI translation models is evident in the feature’s accuracy. The company has meticulously collected and incorporated colloquial data, cultural nuances, and linguistic peculiarities to ensure precise and natural-sounding translations.

As part of the Galaxy AI suite, Live Translate is not limited to the Galaxy S24 series. The feature has been extended to older Galaxy smartphones and tablets through the One UI 6.1 update, ensuring that more users can benefit from its capabilities.

Compatibility with Third-Party Apps

The latest development is that Live Translate will now be compatible with third-party messaging apps. This means that users can enjoy the real-time translation feature directly within their preferred messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. This expansion is significant, as it will make it easier for users to stay in touch with foreign friends or business partners, eliminating language barriers.

Live Translate with Galaxy AI

Supported Languages and Regions

Live Translate currently supports a wide range of languages, including Simplified Chinese, English (India, UK, US), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexico, Spain, US), Thai, and Vietnamese. This extensive support ensures that users can communicate effectively across various regions and cultures.

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Implications for Users

The compatibility of Live Translate with third-party apps has significant implications for users. For ordinary users, it means that they can enjoy seamless communication with friends and family who speak different languages. For professional users, it offers a powerful tool for staying in touch with international clients, colleagues, or business partners. The feature’s ability to eliminate language barriers will undoubtedly enhance global communication and collaboration.


1. Broader Communication Horizons: Users can now communicate across different languages in real-time on their preferred platforms, breaking down language barriers and making global communication more inclusive.
2. Increased Accessibility: The feature enhances the accessibility of digital communication for non-native speakers and those learning a new language, making it easier for people to connect and collaborate across linguistic boundaries.
3. Efficient Communication: Real-time translation can foster better understanding and collaboration among people of different linguistic backgrounds, eliminating the need for human translators in everyday communication and making conversations more efficient.

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1. Technical and Partnership Hurdles: Samsung may face technical challenges ensuring compatibility with each third-party app’s infrastructure and partnership challenges negotiating integration permissions.
2. Privacy Concerns: Users may be wary of how their data is handled, as real-time translation requires processing sensitive conversations. Additionally, language accuracy and the potential for miscommunication due to improper translations can be contentious issues.

Key Points:

  • The feature will operate on-device, ensuring user privacy and control over their data
  • The supported third-party apps are likely to include popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and others
  • The feature should roll out alongside Samsung’s upcoming foldable devices. This will include devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6
  • Samsung’s commitment to linguistic diversity and its global research teams will help ensure accurate translation of local dialects and accents

Future Developments

Samsung has also announced that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will feature Galaxy AI optimized for foldable smartphones. This development is expected to bring new and innovative AI experiences to these devices, further enhancing their capabilities.


Samsung’s decision to extend Live Translate to third-party apps marks a step forward in the development of AI-powered communication tools. The latest announcement by Samsung means that the company wants to expand the usage of this tool. This AI-powered feature, part of the Galaxy AI suite, enables real-time translation of voice calls. It also allows real-time translation of face-to-face conversations, and text messages into preferred languages. The feature operates on-device, ensuring user privacy and control over their data.

The compatibility with third-party apps is likely to include popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. This will make it easier for users to communicate across linguistic boundaries. By providing users with seamless real-time translation capabilities, Samsung is empowering individuals and professionals alike. This will make it easier to connect with people across languages and cultures. There may be technical and partnership hurdles to overcome, but there are also benefits. We will likely have broader communication horizons, increased accessibility, and efficient communication. These will make the feature a valuable addition to Samsung’s Galaxy AI suite. As AI technology continues to advance, we will likely see even more innovative applications of this technology in the future.

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