Samsung shows off its first energy-saving color E-paper display


Samsung has recently demonstrated its color e-paper display for the first time at the Infocomm 2024 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA. This innovative product is currently a prototype, utilizing color e-ink screen technology, and is primarily designed for advertising displays. The color e-paper display is suitable for various scenarios such as shopping malls, offices, public places, restaurants, and retail stores. It can be used to display advertisements, menus, product information, and other content. This versatility makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to enhance their in-store experiences.

color E-paper display

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

The EMDX 32-inch color electronic paper display boasts ultra-low power consumption. The screen can display advertisements or other content stored on the device. It has a QHD resolution and can display 60,000 colors. Additionally, it is only 17.9 mm thick and weighs only 2.9 kg (excluding batteries), making it a compact and lightweight option.

Samsung Electronics emphasized that the e-paper display consumes almost no power when displaying content, and only uses a small amount of power when the content is updated. According to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) IEC62301 standard, products with power consumption less than 0.005W can be labelled as 0W power consumption. This energy efficiency makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs.

Features and Compatibility

The color e-paper display comes with 8GB of storage space, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi functions, and is equipped with two USB Type-C ports (for power supply and file transfer). It also features a Frame Deco frame design similar to Samsung’s The Frame TV, which can be easily replaced. Furthermore, it is compatible with a 200 x 200 VESA wall mount. Thus, users can install this device in a variety of locations such as the ceiling, desktop, or wall.

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Difference between Color E-Paper and regular displays

The color e-paper display consumes almost no power when displaying content, and only uses a small amount of power when the content is updated. As we have seen earlier, the power consumption of this device is less than 0.005W which is labelled as 0W. This level of energy efficiency is unparalleled in traditional digital signage, which typically relies on continuous backlighting and consumes more power.

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Key Differences

1. Power Consumption: Traditional digital signage screens require continuous power to maintain their backlight, whereas e-paper displays only consume power during updates and can be set to standby mode or powered off without sacrificing visibility.
2. Backlighting: E-paper displays reflect ambient light, unlike traditional screens that emit light. This reduces the need for backlighting and contributes to their energy efficiency.
3. Usage Patterns: E-paper displays are designed for static content and can operate for extended periods without updates. In contrast, traditional digital signage often requires frequent updates and continuous power consumption.


1. Sustainability: The low power consumption of e-paper displays makes them an attractive option for environmentally conscious businesses and organizations.
2. Cost Savings: Reduced power consumption translates to lower operational costs for businesses, especially those with extended display periods.
3. Enhanced User Experience: The high visibility and readability of e-paper displays in various lighting conditions provide a seamless viewing experience for customers and users.

Management and Compatibility

Samsung plans to launch a dedicated smartphone app for the color e-paper display. With this app, users can manage the content stored and displayed on the screen. Additionally, it can also be managed remotely in real-time through the Samsung VTX solution. This level of control and compatibility makes it easy for businesses to manage their content and ensure that it is always up-to-date.


Samsung’s color e-paper display is an innovative solution for businesses looking to enhance their in-store experiences while reducing their energy costs. With its ultra-low power consumption, compact design, and versatility, it is an attractive option for various scenarios. Samsung’s commitment to energy efficiency and user-friendly management make it a promising product for the future of digital signage.

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