Blackview BL9000 Pro Hits the Market: The Perfect Alternative to CAT Thermal Imaging Rugged Phone

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Recently, after CAT went bankrupt, the burgeoning tech brand Blackview has become the sole company in the rugged phone market exclusively using FLIR’s top-tier FLIR Mobile SDK and MyFLIR Pro app for thermal imaging technology. If you’re looking for a more rugged dependable thermal imaging phone that matches CAT S62 Pro in functionality, apps, and compatibility, we’re thrilled to introduce the world’s first rugged 5G Thermal by FLIR smartphone, BL9000 Pro. It boasts significant upgrades in hardware, software, and thermal imaging capabilities, making it Blackview’s best rugged thermal imaging phone to date and clearly a step ahead of the CAT S62 Pro.

Notably, BL9000 Pro features a 5G MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset, 50MP front and rear cameras, a 120Hz display, 120W ultra-fast charging, dual Harman Kardon speakers with Harman AudioEFX®, and Android 14 (DokeOS 4.0). With design to enhance the user experience in everyday, outdoor, and work environments, BL9000 Pro is ready to be the perfect alternative for CAT products.


Blackview BL9000 Pro VS CAT S62 Pro: Thermal Imaging

BL9000 Pro is equipped with the same FLIR® Lepton 3.5 sensor as CAT S62 Pro, featuring a resolution of 160×120—four times that of previous models—ensuring the clearest thermal imaging to date. Additionally, Blackview BL9000 Pro includes the exclusive MyFLIR® Pro app and introduces the innovative MSX imaging feature with picture-in-picture mode, helping users identify issues more accurately. Even more exciting is the new temperature alert, which detects temperature anomalies and triggers alerts while automatically generating analysis reports. Moreover, BL9000 Pro supports Teledyne FLIR Mobile SDK, enabling Android and iOS developers to integrate and utilize FLIR’s thermal imaging technology in mobile apps for a more convenient user experience.


Blackview BL9000 Pro VS CAT S62 Pro: Display & Design

To provide a smoother visual experience, BL9000 Pro features a larger and clearer 6.78-inch 2.4K display with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, significantly enhancing the viewing experience compared to the CAT S62 Pro’s 5.7-inch 60Hz screen. Plus, BL9000 Pro can withstand drops from up to 1.2 meters and can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes, making it ideal for adventures in tropical rainforests and tough outdoor work environments.


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Blackview BL9000 Pro VS CAT S62 Pro: Performance

The performance difference between these two phones is quite significant. CAT S62 Pro uses the 4G Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, while the Blackview BL9000 Pro comes with the 5G MediaTek Dimensity 8020. In terms of storage, BL9000 Pro offers up to 36GB RAM (12GB RAM + up to 24GB RAM expansion), 512GB ROM, and supports up to 1TB of expandable storage. Compared to the limited memory of the S62 Pro, rugged BL9000 Pro can handle more applications simultaneously and store more photos, videos, and files.

Blackview BL9000 Pro VS CAT S62 Pro: Camera

Blackview BL9000 Pro comes with a 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL GN5 main camera, along with a 13MP ultra-wide and ultra-macro lens. For selfies and video calls, BL9000 Pro’s high-resolution 50MP front camera outshines the CAT S62 Pro’s 8MP camera. In terms of video recording, both the front and rear cameras of BL9000 Pro support 4K video, making it perfect for creating vlogs and short videos. With the latest ArcSoft® 8.0 image algorithm and AI camera enhancements, you’ll look outstanding anytime, anywhere.

Blackview BL9000 Pro VS CAT S62 Pro: Battery & Audio

Rugged Blackview BL9000 Pro is here with an 8800mAh mega battery and 120W super-fast charging taking only 53 minutes to fully charge. BL9000 Pro also features dual Harman Kardon Smart-PA speakers and Harman AudioEFX® sound technology, delivering an immersive audio experience.


Blackview BL9000 Pro VS CAT S62 Pro: OS

Blackview BL9000 Pro comes with the latest Android 14 and the innovative DokeOS 4.0. Compared to CAT S62 Pro’s Android 10, BL9000 Pro offers more advanced features, a smoother user experience, and enhanced security.


Blackview BL9000 Pro: The Superior Alternative to CAT Thermal Imaging Phone?

Overall, Blackview BL9000 Pro surpasses CAT S62 Pro in performance, memory, camera, battery, audio, and OS. It also has all the top advanced thermal imaging features exclusively licensed to CAT by FLIR, and possibly beyond. If you’re looking for a rugged thermal imaging phone that offers excellent value, choose Blackview BL9000 Pro. You can click here for more information.

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