iOS 18 Hidden Feature: Perform Math Operations Directly in Any Text Box

iOS 18

Apple’s recent unveiling of iOS 18 at the WWDC 2024 event has introduced a slew of new features, capturing the excitement of developers and users alike. While the keynote highlighted many advancements, keen-eyed users have discovered a hidden gem within the new operating system. This feature, found by user @rjonesy, allows iOS 18 to perform mathematical operations directly in any text box without the need to open a separate calculator app. This feature seems to streamline tasks and improve efficiency for users.

iOS 18

Discovering the Hidden Feature

According to @rjonesy he stumbled on this new feature which is not available on previous systems. While test-running the iOS 18 system, he realized that simple arithmetics were solved easily. This capability is not limited to a specific app but is available across the system, including chat applications, notes, and more. When a user inputs a formula, the system automatically processes the calculation and provides the result. This feature can display either just the final result or the entire calculation process along with the answer, offering flexibility based on the user’s preference.

How It Works

The functionality is integrated seamlessly into the operating system. When a user types a mathematical expression such as “45+32” in a text box, iOS 18 identifies the input as a formula and calculates the result instantly. The user can then choose to insert the result into the text or view the full calculation process. This feature is designed to be intuitive and unobtrusive, enhancing the user experience without requiring additional steps or switching between apps.

Practical Applications

Daily Calculations

This new capability is particularly useful for quick, everyday calculations. Whether splitting a bill in a messaging app, adding up expenses in a notes app, or calculating grades in an educational app, users can perform these tasks without leaving the current application. This convenience reduces friction and saves time, making routine activities more efficient.

Enhanced Productivity

For professionals and students, the ability to compute formulas directly within text boxes can significantly enhance productivity. Writers, researchers, and analysts who frequently work with numerical data can benefit from this feature by performing on-the-fly calculations within their documents. This integration allows for a smoother workflow and minimizes disruptions caused by switching to a dedicated calculator app.

iOS 18

Expanding Apple’s Mathematical Capabilities

Math Notes Calculator App for iPad OS

In addition to the text box calculation feature, Apple has also introduced a new “Math Notes Calculator” app for iPad OS. This app allows users to handwrite mathematical formulas and receive instant answers. The app’s ability to recognize and compute handwritten equations demonstrates Apple’s commitment to enhancing the mathematical capabilities of its devices. This tool is particularly beneficial for students and educators, providing an interactive and intuitive way to solve mathematical problems.

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Integration and Usability

The integration of these features into iOS and iPad OS highlights Apple’s focus on usability and functionality. By embedding mathematical capabilities directly into the operating system and providing specialized apps for more complex tasks, Apple is creating a more cohesive and versatile ecosystem. Users can perform a wide range of calculations without needing third-party apps, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience.

Accessibility and Convenience

As this feature becomes widely available with the public beta and official release of iOS 18, it is expected to become a staple for users who rely on quick calculations. The accessibility and convenience of performing math operations in any text box will likely drive increased adoption and appreciation of iOS 18. This feature represents a shift towards more user-friendly design principles, where functionalities have direct links to the user interface.

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Potential for Expansion

While the current implementation focuses on basic arithmetic, there is potential for expansion into more advanced mathematical functions. Future updates could include support for more complex equations, graphing capabilities, and even integration with educational tools. By continuously enhancing this feature, Apple can cater to a broader range of users, from elementary students to professionals in technical fields.

Early Access and Feedback

Currently, this feature is available only in the developer beta version of iOS 18. As developers and early adopters experiment with this functionality, their feedback will be crucial in refining and improving the feature. Apple encourages non-developer users to wait for the public beta version or the official release. We expect the public beta to be available next month while the official release should be in the autumn. The official release will come with the full benefits of this innovative feature.

RCS messaging in iOS 18

Anticipated Reception

Given the practical applications and the seamless integration into the existing iOS ecosystem, the reception of this feature should be overwhelmingly positive. Users are likely to appreciate the convenience and efficiency it brings, enhancing their overall experience with Apple devices. The anticipation for the public beta and official release underscores the excitement surrounding iOS 18 and its hidden capabilities.


The discovery of iOS 18’s ability to perform math operations directly in any text box is a testament to Apple’s continuous innovation and commitment to enhancing user experience. This hidden feature, alongside the new Math Notes Calculator app for iPad OS, showcases Apple’s focus on integrating powerful, user-friendly tools into its ecosystem. As users await the public beta and official release, the anticipation continues to build for what promises to be a significant advancement in the functionality and usability of iOS 18. With its blend of practicality and convenience, this feature will likely become an indispensable part of the Apple user experience. What do you think about this hidden feature from Apple? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

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