Say Hello to the Future: The New Android Auto App is Here

Android Auto

In cars, systems like Android Auto and CarPlay help users stay connected to their apps. These systems let users interact with their mobile devices without distractions. When the vehicle is moving, users can give voice commands. When the car is parked, they can use touch controls on the infotainment screen.

The vehicle apps ecosystem keeps growing and the number of developers joining Android Auto and CarPlay is expanding. This week, another big name joined Google’s platform.

Android Auto users have just received a new app that will make life even easier. eWeLink, an app that lets users control their smart homes from their mobile devices, is now available on Android Auto.

The development team shared on X (formerly Twitter) that eWeLink version 5.7 for Android now integrates with Android Auto. This update lets users activate preset smart home actions by tapping the scene name on their car’s display.

Accessing Smart Home Apps in your Car just got with Android Auto Android Auto

With Android Auto integration, useful actions are just a tap away. For instance, tasks like opening and closing the garage door can now be done directly through Android Auto, eliminating the need to handle your mobile device. However, it’s important to configure all scenes on your smartphone beforehand. This data will then be accessible on Android Auto when your device is connected to the vehicle.

To get eWeLink on Android Auto, simply update the app to version 5.7 or later. After connecting your mobile device to the vehicle, the app icon should automatically appear on Android Auto. If you don’t see the app icon, ensure that eWeLink is updated on your phone.

Smart home apps are well-suited for phone mirroring systems like Android Auto and CarPlay. They enable users to manage their smart homes effortlessly, whether they’re arriving or leaving, without needing to unlock their mobile devices. This makes tasks like opening the garage door and turning on lights easier and more convenient.

Android Auto Ecosystem Expects More Apps SoonAndroid Auto

The Android Auto app ecosystem is poised for significant expansion in the upcoming months. Google announced a new project at I/O this year that will automatically bring applications designed for larger screens to Android Auto.

Google plans to scan apps available on the Play Store to assess their compatibility for integration into cars without additional modifications. This initiative is scheduled to roll out this year, and developers can now request scans for their apps if they believe their software is suitable for the car environment. Additionally, the program will extend to Android Automotive, Google’s embedded operating system designed for next-generation vehicles.

eWeLink Smart Home AppAndroid Auto

eWeLink is a universal smart home app that acts as a central hub for controlling various smart devices from different brands. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Gizchina News of the week

  • Universal Compatibility: Forget juggling multiple apps! eWeLink works with a vast range of smart devices exceeding 2,000 brands, including popular names like Sonoff. This allows you to manage your entire smart home ecosystem from a single platform.
  • Remote Control: Gone are the days of physically turning on lights or appliances. eWeLink allows you to control your smart devices remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. Turn on lights before you arrive home, adjust the thermostat, or even switch on your coffee maker for a fresh brew – all from your smartphone.
  • Scheduling and Timers: Automate your daily routines with scheduling and timer functionalities. Set lights to turn on at sunset or program your smart plug to switch off after a specific duration.
  • Voice Control: Integrate eWeLink with popular smart speakers like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for hands-free control. Simply use your voice to command your smart devices.
  • Security and Sharing: eWeLink offers security features to ensure only authorized users control your devices. You can also share control of specific devices with family members for convenient access.
  • Scene Creation: Create custom scenes to control multiple devices with a single tap. Set a “Good Morning” scene that turns on lights, adjusts the thermostat, and starts your coffee maker – all at once.
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Beyond the Basics

While the core functions revolve around remote control and automation, eWeLink offers additional perks depending on your device’s capabilities. Some smart plugs might support features like power consumption monitoring, while smart cameras can offer live streams within the app.

Things to ConsiderAndroid Auto

  • Not all features are available on all devices. Check your specific device’s compatibility information.
  • An internet connection is required for remote control functionalities.

In essence, eWeLink simplifies smart home management by offering a unified platform to control various devices from a single app, promoting convenience, automation, and a more connected living experience.


The in-car experience gets a smart home boost with eWeLink’s arrival on Android Auto. This integration allows drivers to control pre-configured smart home scenes with a simple tap on the car’s display. Imagine opening the garage door or turning on lights directly from Android Auto, all without touching your phone. Android Auto truly adds value to our driving experience and eWeLink will make things even easier for all users who have smart home systems in their homes.

This convenience factor underlines the growing importance of smart home apps in phone mirroring systems like Android Auto. Google is further expanding this ecosystem by automatically scanning Play Store apps for car-compatibility, making it easier for developers to integrate their apps.

With eWeLink and more apps likely on the horizon, Android Auto is poised to become a central hub for managing your smart home on the go, enhancing safety and simplifying daily routines.

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