Android 15 Streamlines Settings Menu, Reducing Options from 20 to 18

Android 15

Android Authority recently revealed that Google is planning major changes to the settings menu in the Android 15 update. By reverse compiling the settings application in the Android 15 Beta 3 update, it was found that Google will streamline the settings options, reducing the number of first-level menus from 20 to 18. This modification aims to enhance user experience by making navigation more intuitive and less cluttered. ITHome has also summarized these changes, offering a detailed comparison between Android 14 and Android 15 system settings.

Overview of the Changes

The most notable change in Android 15’s settings is the reduction of first-level menu items. This adjustment means users will encounter 18 primary options instead of 20. The settings blocks have been further differentiated through cells, providing a more organized and user-friendly interface.

android 15 settings update

Comparative Analysis of First-Level Menu Items

A comparison of the first-level menu items between Android 14 and Android 15 highlights the streamlined approach:

Android 14 Settings first level menu item Android 15 Settings first level menu item
1. Network 1. Network
2. Hub mode (Pixel Tablet only) 2. Internet-connected devices
3. Internet-connected devices 3. Application
4. Application 4. Notification
5. Notification 5. Sound and vibration
6. Battery 6. Hub  Mode (Pixel Tablet only)
7. Storage 7. Display
8. Sound and vibration 8. Wallpaper and style
9. Display 9. Storage
10. Wallpaper and style 10. Battery
11. Accessibility 11. System
12. Security and Privacy 12. About mobile phone
13. Positioning 13. Security and Privacy
14. Security and Emergencies 14. Positioning
15. Passwords, Passkey and AutoFill 15. Passwords, Passkey and AutoFill
16. Digital Wellbeing and parental controls 16. Security and Emergencies
17. Google 17. Accessibility
18. System 18. Tips and Support
19. About mobile phone
20. Tips and support

Notable Removals and Reorganization

The reorganization in Android 15 involves removing the “Google” and “Digital Wellbeing & parental controls” options from the first-level menu. These options will now be incorporated into the second-level menu, effectively reducing the number of visible first-level items and potentially making it easier for users to find essential settings without navigating through a long list.

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Enhanced User Experience

The primary goal behind these changes appears to be improving user experience by making the settings menu more intuitive and less overwhelming. With fewer first-level items, users can navigate the settings more efficiently, finding what they need with minimal effort.

Differentiation Through Cells

Android 15 Beta 3 update introduces a further differentiation of settings blocks through cells. This likely means that each block will be more distinctly separated, making it easier to identify and select the desired setting. This change not only improves the visual appeal but also enhances functionality by reducing the chances of misselection.

Focus on Key Features

By reducing and reorganizing the settings menu, Google is emphasizing key features and making them more accessible. For instance, the inclusion of “Security and Privacy” as a prominent menu item highlights Google’s focus on user security. Similarly, moving “Digital Wellbeing & parental controls” to a secondary menu indicates a shift in how these features appear.


In conclusion, Google’s upcoming changes to the settings menu in Android 15 signify a conscious effort to enhance user interaction and streamline accessibility. By reducing the number of first – level menu items from 20 to 18 and introducing clearer differentiation through cells, the update aims to simplify navigation and improve usability. The reorganization, such as moving “Google” and “Digital Wellbeing & parental controls” to the second-level menu, reflects a strategic focus on prioritizing essential settings while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

These adjustments not only aim to make the settings menu less cluttered but also ensure that users can more easily find and manage key features like security and privacy settings. Overall, Android 15 appears to offer a more intuitive and organized experience, catering to both efficiency and user preference in accessing device settings. What do you think about the Android 15 system and the new changes? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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