OnePlus Ace3 Pro to Feature a 5.51mm Thick 6100mAh ‘Glacier Battery’ That Supports 100W Fast Charging

OnePlus Ace3 Pro

OnePlus is set to introduce a new battery design in its upcoming Ace3 Pro model. According to a recent revelation by Weibo tech blogger @digitalchatstation, the OnePlus Ace3 Pro will be equipped with a 6100mAh “Glacier Battery.” This advanced battery not only boasts a larger capacity than standard models but also features a slimmer profile, supporting high-speed charging capabilities. @DigitalChatStation is a prominent technology insider known for accurately leaking details about upcoming devices. His leaks are particularly from Chinese manufacturers, offering valuable insights to tech enthusiasts and journalists worldwide.

OnePlus Ace3 Pro

Innovative Battery Design

Slimmer and More Powerful

The OnePlus “Glacier Battery” is a leap forward in smartphone battery technology. Despite offering a substantial 6100mAh capacity, it manages to be thinner than its predecessors. The battery measures just 5.51mm in thickness, which is 0.49mm thinner than the typical 6mm thick 5000mAh batteries commonly used in smartphones today. This innovative design provides an additional 1100mAh of power without increasing the physical footprint of the device, ensuring a sleeker, more ergonomic design.

Silicon-Carbon Negative Electrode Material

A key factor in the Glacier Battery’s impressive specifications is its use of silicon-carbon negative electrode material. This advanced material enhances the battery’s overall performance and efficiency. Combined with upgraded battery cell processes, this technology allows for higher capacity and faster charging times while maintaining a compact size.

Fast Charging Capabilities

100W Fast Charging

One of the standout features of the Glacier Battery is its support for 100W fast charging. According to @digitalchatstation, this technology enables the battery to be fully charged in approximately 30 minutes. This rapid charging capability significantly reduces downtime and enhances user convenience, making it ideal for users with busy lifestyles.

Comparison with Previous Models

The Glacier Battery’s thin profile is particularly noteworthy when compared to previous models. The OnePlus Ace 3, for instance, has a thickness of 8.8mm. The Ace3 Pro, which will debut the Glacier Battery, is expected to be even thinner, offering a sleek design without compromising on battery life or performance.

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Design and Performance

Premium Build and Materials

The OnePlus Ace3 Pro is set to feature a premium design with a metal middle frame and a 3D-integrated ceramic body. The engineering machine is available in three materials: hot-forged white ceramic, hot-forged bright silver glass, and plain leather. This variety of materials offers users a choice of aesthetics and tactile experiences, further enhancing the premium feel of the device.

OnePlus Ace3 Pro

High-Resolution Display

The phone will sport a 6.78-inch 1.5K 8T LTPO curved screen. This high-resolution display ensures vibrant colours and sharp details, providing an immersive visual experience whether browsing, gaming, or watching videos.

Powerful Processor

Under the hood, the Ace3 Pro will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. This high-performance chipset is expected to deliver smooth, responsive performance across a wide range of applications, from intensive gaming to multitasking.

Enhanced Camera System

Versatile Camera Setup

The OnePlus Ace3 Pro will also feature a versatile camera system. It includes a 50MP “large bottom main camera” accompanied by an 8MP and a 2MP camera. This setup promises high-quality photos with detailed imaging and excellent low-light performance, catering to both photography enthusiasts and casual users alike.

Branding and User Experience

Emphasis on Performance

The OnePlus Ace3 Pro will launch with a new image logo comprising the English characters “ACE” and “PERFORMANCE.” This branding emphasizes the phone’s focus on delivering high performance, aligning with OnePlus’s reputation for powerful, feature-rich smartphones.

User Experience Enhancements

The introduction of the Glacier Battery not only enhances battery life and charging speed but also contributes to an overall improved user experience. The slim design, combined with powerful hardware and advanced features, positions the Ace3 Pro as a flagship model in OnePlus’s lineup.


The upcoming OnePlus Ace3 Pro represents a significant advancement in smartphone technology with its innovative Glacier Battery. Offering a higher capacity, slimmer design, and rapid 100W charging, this new battery technology is different from others.  It could also set a new standard for other mobile phone brands. The OnePlus Ace3 Pro should be a top contender in the Android mobile phone market. With its premium materials, a high-resolution display, and a powerful processor this device has what it takes.

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