Google Pixel 9 to Feature AI-Powered Sticker and Emoji Creation Tool in Android 15

Google Creative Assistant

Google has been working on its software to bring decent improvement to the system. Since the advent of AI, it has been used to make mobile phone features better. According to a recent report from Android Authority, Google is gearing up to introduce an innovative feature called Creative Assistant in its upcoming Pixel 9 series of mobile phones. This function, akin to Apple’s Genmoji in iOS 18, promises to bring new levels to emoji customization through artificial intelligence (AI).

Google Pixel 9
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Introduction to Creative Assistant

Android Authority says that Creative Assistant will be an exclusive application tailored for Pixel phones. It will enhance user interaction with emojis by allowing them to personalize and create custom expressions. This feature underscores Google’s commitment to leveraging AI to enrich user experiences across its Pixel lineup.

Software Integration and Package Details

The report says that Creative Assistant will integrate into the Pixel 9 series through its software package. The name of this package is Google has already referenced this application in the TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) installation files of the Tensor chip and the code of the Google Markup application within Android 15 Beta 3. These integrations indicate Google’s meticulous approach to embedding AI capabilities directly into the Pixel user interface.

Functionality: AI-Driven Emoji Customization

A notable feature revealed in the code is the presence of a “remix” button, signalling users’ ability to utilize AI for generating unique emoji expressions. The specifics of whether this AI function operates locally on the device or relies on cloud processing remain unclear. Previous reports suggest that Pixel 9 series phones will incorporate a coprocessor supporting Gemini Nano. This chip facilitates localized processing of various tasks, including emoji customization. This local processing capability hints at potential enhancements in speed and efficiency for generating and modifying emojis directly on the device.

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Comparison with Apple’s Genmoji

Drawing parallels with Apple’s Genmoji functionality in iOS 18, Google’s Creative Assistant aims to empower users. It will bring intuitive tools for personalizing digital expressions and make the user experience better. Genmoji allows Apple users to create emojis that mirror their facial features and expressions, highlighting a trend towards personalized digital communication tools in mobile platforms.

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Implications for Pixel 9 Series Users

For users of the Pixel 9 series, Creative Assistant promises a seamless and engaging way to interact with emojis. This will make messaging and digital communication more expressive and personalized. By integrating AI directly into the emoji creation process, Google seeks to set a new standard for user customization and interaction within the Android ecosystem.

Technological Integration and Development / Future Prospects

The inclusion of Creative Assistant underscores Google’s broader strategy of integrating advanced AI capabilities into its hardware and software offerings. As AI technologies evolve, their integration into everyday smartphone functionalities, such as emoji creation, showcases Google’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Looking ahead, the introduction of Creative Assistant in the Pixel 9 series positions Google competitively against rivals in the premium smartphone segment. By differentiating itself with innovative features like AI-driven emoji customization, Google aims to attract tech-savvy consumers who prioritize customization and cutting-edge technology in their mobile devices.


In conclusion, Google’s decision to introduce Creative Assistant in the Pixel 9 series represents a leap forward in smartphone innovation. By harnessing AI to enable personalized emoji creation, Google will enhance user interaction. It will also set a precedent for AI-driven customization tools in mobile platforms. As anticipation builds for the release of the Pixel 9 series with Android 15, users can expect a transformative experience. This will also be marked by intuitive emoji customization capabilities. Stay tuned for further updates as Google prepares to unveil the Pixel 9 series and its innovative features. What do you think about Google’s plans on Creative Assistant? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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